The symptoms of urethritis in men

The inflammatory process in the urinary channel urethritis, most frequently affects young representatives of the stronger sex. The disease does not pass yourself, make sure that you want to treat. But to do this, it is important to differentiate infection urethritis and its symptoms in men of the symptoms are not contagious. The outcome of the therapy largely depends on the correct and timely diagnosis.

Urethritis infectious

Approved classification and essay

The difference of urethritis in men symptoms and treatment should be the views of excitation, the phase of the process, comorbidities. Based on the cause of the inflammation, is divided into two groups.

Infection urethritis caused by certain types of microorganisms:

  • gonorrhea
  • chlamydia
  • mikoplazmi
  • ureaplazmi
  • trichomonas
  • virus
  • the bacteria
  • Gardnerella
  • fungi
  • the wand of koch

Non-infectious urethritis, which is not related to the introduction of pathogens of the flora:

  • an allergic reaction
  • the violation of the mucosa after
  • manipulation or medical injuries
  • violation of the circulation of the blood in the pelvis, stuck phenomenon
  • the obstruction of the flow of urine

For the duration of the current distinguish sharp and chronic process, each of which has its stages of development and the box clinical.

Urethritis acute in men develops in three stages:

  1. Hidden period is characterized by the absence of manifestations, may last 2 to 3 days up to a month.
  2. The period of a lot of the clinic.
  3. The recovery or the chronic disease and the transition in the slow form.

Chronic process has two clear stages:

  1. Relapse – a worsening of symptoms, occurs under the influence of unfavorable factors.
  2. Remission occult inflammatory during characterized by long rallies of the fig.
The common symptoms of the

The causes and factors

The symptoms of urethritis in men and the causes are closely related.

  • Infections transmitted by sexual contact. The main part of the disease is the infection of gonococcus, chlamydia, and Trichomonas.
  • Conditional microflora pathogenic, the norm that is present in each person, but suppressed the immune system. Such are: escherichia coli, candida, staphylococci, streptococci.

The causes of the occurrence of diseases related to the stagnation of urine, to the lack of washing urinary canal naturally, the violation of the integrity of the mucosa.

  • The formation of stones in the kidneys.
  • Handling, related to the study of the urinary tract: tsistoskopiya, catheterization.
  • Allergic processes.
  • Tumor of the education.

In addition to the reasons described in the urethritis in men, there are factors that weaken the immune system, and contribute to the rapid multiplication of pathogens of the flora:

  • the supercooling long;
  • the bad food, the abuse of the salt and spicy food, hypovitaminosis;
  • physical inactivity, stagnation of blood in the pelvis;
  • total of the reduction of the defenses in the bottom of the excessive physical and mental loads;
  • carelessness in personal hygiene;
  • exposure to irritating chemicals.

In rare cases, the disease develops in the penetration of infection from the chronic in the home with the blood stream or lymph.

The remission

The common symptoms of evolving acute

Regardless of the arousal of symptoms of urethritis in men who have a number of common traits. Can be found in its entirety or limited to various manifestations, to be present permanently or sporadically. Normally, the inflammatory process is limited to the local symptoms. Appears a burning sensation and pain while urinating, frequency of the desire increases, and when the urine takes on a tone cloudy. In some cases, they discovered the blood clots.

The specific effects

In addition to the signs most common there are symptoms specific to the pathogen. They are distinguished often by the nature and the intensity of the flow. Let's look at how it is manifested by the inflammation of the urethra of diverse etiology.

Gonococcal type

Begins with alertness, develops rapidly. Gonorrhea is different sudden pain at the time of urination, the intense inflammatory process, hyperaemia, inflammation of the head of the penis. Due to the large amount of pus, urine acquires a tone cloudy. For gonococcal infection are characteristic yellow selection with the mixture of the blood.

Trichomonas type of

It is different from standing too much itching, the complexity with the emptying of the bladder. The process passes with painful sensations and a burning feeling. Of the urethra appear scarce grayish-white selection, and in the semen detected traces of blood.

Hlamidiyniy type of

Hlamidiyniy urethritis in men is often asymptomatic, so the risk of its transition to a chronic form. Burning and pain short and a little intense. The selection of colorless or with a low content of pus, scarce, quickly pass.

Mycotic type of

Candida defeat refers to the non-specific inflammation, and occurs when the reduction of the forces protective of the organism. For him characterized by the most intense itching, burning sensation of the mucosa, swelling and redness of the head. The selection of thick, cheesy, white or pink-white.

The Herpes type of

Viral urethritis is characterized by little what was expressed by the appellant. When it lowers the immunity it is possible to the specific appearance of the rash around the outside opening of the urethra. The exacerbation may be accompanied by general malaise, pain, pain in the joints.

Bacterial type

It has a tremendous variation in the incubation period, the first manifestations can be observed after 2 – 3 months after infection. A distinctive feature of the – purulent from the urethra, the other symptoms are subtle, indistinct.

The process is not infectious

In this type of inflammation of the selection are missing, but after the injury, we can observe traces of blood in the urine. When the stagnation of the phenomena, there is a violation of urination, when the inflammation is edema.

The manifestation of a chronic form of the disease

What is urethritis in males in the chronic form? It is a slow, almost asymptomatic inflammatory process, which pours the disease in the absence of treatment is needed. That can last for years, with alternating periods of calm and exacerbation.

Relapse, as a general rule, occur after the diseases or long physical and emotional burdens. The symptoms reminiscent of acute phase of pain, the violation of urination and secretions of the urethra channel, but in the most careful way. In the absence of a proper treatment of the manifestation gradually silent, and there is a phase of stagnation.

The diagnosis of a

In the period of remission signs of the disease are silent at all or are reminded of himself a little burning, episodic scant secretions. The general condition does not suffer, urinary function is not broken. Despite of the clinic, the chronic form is dangerous for the development of complications.

Combined pathology

Acute inflammation of the urethra can occur in isolation, but in the absence of treatment the infection is absorbed surrounding organs and tissues. Men urethritis is often combined:

  • with the inflammation of the foreskin;
  • with the retraction in the process of the prostate gland;
  • with orchitis infection of the testes;
  • with the inflammation of the bladder.

Sochetanniy cystitis and urethritis in men have a stimulant of the disease in 90% of cases is escherichia coli, and infections transmitted by sexual contact. Causing factors are: hypothermia, prolonged stressful situation, serious viral diseases and the weakening of immune forces.

Acute cystitis in men is manifested in the following way:

  • the pain and aches during the flush;
  • congestion and edema of the mucosa;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • the contrast and the spotting of the urethra;
  • the discomfort in the lower abdomen, plaintive laments of pain.

After identification of the pathogen, combined urethritis and cystitis are treated on the same circuit. The therapy should carry on until the end, since both of these diseases are likely to hronizatsii of the process.

The diagnosis of a

Before deciding how to treat urethritis in men, it is necessary to conduct a survey to identify the causative agent and determine its sensitivity to drugs. The diagnosis begins with the collection of the history and visual inspection.

It takes the total of analysis of blood for the determination of the intensity of the inflammation by the amount of white blood cells. Urine analysis surrenders morning – the first bowel movement after a night of sleep. The urine analysis allows to identify the infectious agent and to perform a sensitivity analysis to antibiotics. The selection of the urethra in men are also subject to bacteriological, seeding and microscopic study. All laboratory analysis is performed in the background of the total exclusion of the antibiotic therapy. In some cases, they may require a survey: the pelvic ultrasound, x-ray, endoscopy of the bladder and of the urethra.

Methods of healing

The treatment of urethritis in men, does not require hospitalization and successfully be carried out on an outpatient basis. The selection of the drugs depends on the form of the disease and the bacterial inoculation of the test. The main group of applied antibiotic therapy. The entry methods will vary and are negotiated between the doctor and the patient. The medicines can be taken in pill form, it is entered intramuscularly or intravenously, or directly delivered to the focus with the help of a catheter. Consider medications for the treatment of urethritis in men, according to the identified pathogen.

Gonococcal bacterial and inflammation

In 40% of the cases monotherapy with antibiotics from the group of cephalosporins. The chronic process is often assigned the tetracycline group. It is complicated to blenorrgico urethritis in men it is the combination of several groups of drugs.

The immunomodulatory and vitamins

Therapy antibacterial requires preventive maintenance of reception antimycotic medicines. Must be assigned to the immunomodulators and vitamins.

For the monitoring of the effectiveness of the treatment should be three times, with an interval of time, to conduct the study of identification of the gonococcus.

Trichomonas inflammation

For the treatment of this type applies to the test of time metronidazole course the reception or a single time, as far as possible, the dose of. Shows the reception of immunostimulatory media and fortified additives.

The defeat of the chlamydia

That cure chlamydial infection is determined by the doctor depending on the result of the bacterial inoculation of the test. The best result gives the course the treatment, and the antibiotic the tetracycline group. In conjunction with an oral antibiotic is assigned to the hormone therapy.

The fungal infection

The detection in the male urethra fungal defeat requires antifungal therapy in the form of tablets. Topically used ointments antifungal. It attaches great importance to immunostimulant therapy.

Viral defeat

It is more frequent in infection by the herpes virus type 1 and type 2. In this case, is performed for the treatment of urethritis in men medicines anti-viral action. There is an opinion that is completely cured of the herpes virus no is you can, but you can get the support of the remission.

The inflammation clear the etiology of the

In the 30 – 40% of the cases the infectious agent can not be set, however, performed the therapy antibacterial gives good results. How to cure urethritis in men when no definitive diagnosis? Are assigned broad-spectrum antibiotics by several groups. In addition, we introduce antifungal and tonic. The scheme may vary at the discretion of your doctor.

Therapy inflamed bladder

The infection often goes beyond the urethra, that's why we're going to see how to treat cystitis in conjunction with urethritis. The main cause of the infection becomes bacterial microflora. Your treatment will rely on the antibiotics of group makrolidov, ftorhinolon or tetracyclines. In addition to assigned preventive antifungal therapy at the reception and multivitamins.

Inflammation of the bladder channel of children

In children the main cause of the disease develops in escherichia coli. Urethritis in males occurs more frequently than girls, a result of the development of phimosis and, as a consequence, the education of a conducive environment for the spread of pathogenic flora.

The child is restless, she is concerned about itching, pain when urinating. You can see a whitish color with the mixture of pus from the selection. The urine becomes turbid, with traces of blood. The treatment of urethritis in men and treatment of children is performed with antibiotics, but unlike adults, the selection of the media to which the child is celebrated with more care, focusing on the age group.

Complications and projections

In men, the understanding of going to the doctor with a problem similar to shame, however, late or not treatment is appropriate are a lot of complications. The infection can spread to the surrounding organs, causing cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis. In consequence, there was an infringement of the sexual functions and infertility.

Chlamydial infection is manifested by the subsequent defeat of the articulation of the fabric and systematic conjunctivitis. Urethritis purulent leads to structural changes in the mucous membrane of urinary channel of the hypertrophy and the narrowing of the lumen.

When it is well carried out the treatment, you can quickly and completely get rid of the problems, the prognosis in this case is favorable.

Prevention activities

Having understood the cause of urethritis, and which is easy to define measures of caution:

  • exclude doubtful sex;
  • the use of condom as a means of protection;
  • follow the rules of hygiene;
  • attentive to your health, in case of the occurrence of suspect symptoms to the doctor;
  • in the period of the intensification of the psycho – physical take vitamin supplements;
  • prevent hypothermia;
  • follow a balanced diet, not engage in the harmful of the products;
  • strengthen the immune system.

The inflammation acute provides a series of unpleasant symptoms, but it runs, no curing process is much worse than their remote consequences. Approximately 40% of men of retirement age suffer from prostatitis, which is the direct result of the chronic urethritis. What sad statistics, due to inflammation of urinary canal fully treatable if it is to meet all of the recommendations.