Premature ejaculation: what is it and what are its causes

With this problem in different periods of life face many men. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to handle.

the ejaculation

So what is the ejaculation?

The ejaculation is when the man loses control over ejaculation. It can be produced through 30-60 seconds after the start of the act, and before the penetration.

Although it generally refers to the ejaculation during sexual intercourse, in general, the problem can arise at the time of any of the sexual practices, including masturbation.

The rules on the duration of "normal" sexual relationship, imposed porn, worth forgetting. Medical data must, that the average time to ejaculation during the sexual act, about 4-5 minutes.

Magnitude of the problem?

Very. With this problem is facing one of the three men at any age. More often it is common in men 18-40 years.

But not all cases of premature ejaculation is considered diagnostic. If this does not bother him, and it rarely occurs, then it is normal.

With the clinical data, the diagnosis may be given, if:

  • Always or almost always finish the act within one minute after penetration.
  • You can't delay ejaculation during the sexual act, always, or almost always.
  • After that you feel depressed and angry, and avoids sexual intimacy.

Premature ejaculation can be classified as

  • Lifetime warranty (primary). Occurs almost always, from their first sexual contacts.
  • Acquired (secondary). Develops after sexual relations, and sexual practices, which were made without any problems with ejaculation.

Many men tend to think that they the ejaculation, but their symptoms do not meet the medical criteria for the diagnosis.

Instead, it can be natural and regular ejaculation, which includes periods of rapid ejaculation and normal.

In that the causes of premature ejaculation?

The exact cause is not clear. When it was thought that only affect the psychological factors. It is now known that premature ejaculation may be related to the complex interaction of psychological and biological causes.

psychological causes

What are the psychological causes?

Harassment or violence

Any violation of borders of personal leave the imprint on the character of the person. If you are faced with this type of, you can help a psychotherapist to design a negative experience.

It is important to remember that you are not the one and on the right side of you, and not one that respects its limits.

Complex on the body

Due to the mass media about their appearance survive absolutely all beings on the planet. Look at the guys of BuzzFeed, which talks of the pressure on the men. And still your photos processed, to match the "ideal standards of beauty.


As the state itself and the medications can affect the ejaculation. If you are not taking any medication and don't know what that has depression, but some time ago that is depressing, maybe it is worth to go to a psychologist.

The concern about what can happen with the premature ejaculation

If this was done already once, and obsession in the possible bage of the system may cause the premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction refers to psychological problems, because men and women, that focus on obtaining or maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse, may ejaculate prematurely.

The problems in the relations with the partner

If you have everything in order in the sex with other, and the ejaculation happened rarely, or not at all, there may be a problem in the relationship with the current partner.

The feeling of guilt

As you have discovered, the scientists, the lack of dialogue about sex, hygiene and personal space in children affects directly the problems of the adult life. They carry not only ejaculation but also erectile dysfunction.

If you have a family it is not customary to call the genitals of the direct action of the terms, not to mention a private space, the masturbation, the sex, the emissions, the first manifestations of the work of the sexual function of the child cause stress.

The first nocturnal emissions occur at the onset of puberty. If the child is not he is willing or is not able to talk about them, you will develop a feeling of shame for any manifestation of sexuality. And it is not mythical in the sense that "the present", the man in itself can be suppressed.

Scientists agree that the feeling of shame by spontaneous erection, ejaculation, and the fear of being caught during masturbation that you submit or the inability to relax, either in the reflection with the orgasm of a man is required less than two minutes.

If the adolescent is accustomed to the idea that you should finish as quickly as possible, the premature ejaculation will become the norm for the agency. To reorganize without the help of a specialist, exercise, or medication, it will be very difficult.

the early sexual experience

The early sexual experience

This question is not customary to discuss, guys, no one says that the moral of them may not be willing to have sex. Instead, there is a code unspoken, that for a long time to be a boy virgin of death to the reputation and the not do "this" to the man to doubt, to think and to reflect.

This can be explained, as well as on the sex it is not customary to speak, the young can learn about sex, just wander around in it.

But doctors and psychologists say that many of the adolescents that minimize the value of having sex with another person, often are surprised at the intensity of the emotional reaction, especially if the relationship with the partner, do not continue.

It is recommended to ask several questions before having sex:

  1. You understand, the physical element of sex? You know how it physically works for you and your partner?
  2. Are you ready to face all the consequences of sex (stds, unwanted pregnancy)? You have access to a good condoms?
  3. Since the probability of pregnancy if safe sex are you ready for what your partner can become pregnant? If you have a plan of action in this case?
  4. If you are still infect sexually transmitted disease, you are going to do? You have the opportunity to receive the treatment? You are willing to tell anyone who can help?
  5. You will be comfortable to talk about sex with your partner, and ask your doctor about safe sex practices?

If you answered "no" to any of the questions, until you are ready for sex. Psychologists also point out that, sometimes, simply asking the question "am I Ready to have sex?" If you have doubts, then, it is still early.

The ejaculation during the first sexual intercourse often speaks of what they were not willing to privacy. Delay the sex life at some point, it is best to receive emotional loss or risk of infection.

And what are the biological causes?

The specialists distinguish the following biological causes:

  • Abnormal levels of hormones.
  • Abnormal levels of chemicals in the brain neurotransmitters.
  • The inflammation and infection of the prostate or the urethra.
  • The inheritance.

When to see a doctor?

If the ejaculation occurs earlier than wanted, in the majority of sexual contacts, go to a doctor.

Doctors point out that the ejaculation is normal and usual, to assign the treatment.

Also add that for some men, enough talk with the urologist, to get rid of the problem. Or it turns out that there is no problem, and the man simply does not know that the number of the ejaculation is the norm, and the average time of initiation of sexual intercourse before ejaculation is about five minutes.

premature ejaculation treatment

What are the treatment options?

Typically, the treatment options for premature ejaculation include behavioral techniques, anesthetics, medications, and consultations. Keep in mind that it may take a while to find a treatment or a combination of the procedures that are going to work for you.

Doctors often recommend the consultation. This can be psychotherapy, as well as the conversation with your partner.

There is an effective option for the behavior of the method. Start better than masturbation without a partner. "Gets to the degree that you are going to ejaculate, and then stop and think about what you can calm down".

Of the rest of behaviors methods can help:

  • The masturbation during an hour or two before sexual intercourse.
  • The renunciation of the normal sexual intercourse at some point in time, the replacement of other practices to reduce the emotional pressure.
  • Kegel exercises the muscles of the pelvis. Stop the need to pee in the middle of a process that takes into account what muscles did this. Tend 3 times a day, for 10 repetitions for 3 seconds. Don't hold your breath, do not stretch the muscles of the abdomen, the thighs and the buttocks.
  • The technique of the "pause-squeeze". About how to perform it correctly, will tell you the doctor.
  • The of tolstoy, of latex, which reduce the sensitivity.

Medications should be recommended and pick up the doctor. They may consist of gels or anesthetics, reduce sensitivity of the penis. But no, picked up from the drug can lead to a serious loss of sensitivity.

As it is best to talk with the doctor?

To speed up the diagnosis and selection of adequate treatment is necessary to a good dialogue with the doctor.

You can ask all the questions, even if they seem very complicated or if why alborotáis. You don't know what will help your doctor better understand your problem, from what you say everything that you care about. These questions can serve as a template:

  • What can cause premature ejaculation?
  • What testing is recommended?
  • What kind of treatment do you recommend?
  • As soon as after the treatment, I can not wait for improvements?
  • How much can I expect improvements?
  • I have the risk of going to confront this problem?
  • Is there any alternative to medication that you have been appointed?
  • If there is any important information, a brochure or a web site that I find it hard to read the information?

Be prepared for the fact that the doctor may ask you very personal questions, that may seem out of place. Here is a sample of the list:

premature ejaculation how to cure

  • As often as you is the ejaculation?
  • The first time you have experienced premature ejaculation?
  • This is just a specific partner or with all?
  • This happens when you masturbate in?
  • This happens every time you have sex?
  • How often she has sex?
  • How much you are concerned about premature ejaculation?
  • As your partner bothering your ejaculation?
  • So he is satisfied with the current relationship?
  • Are trouble getting or maintaining an erection?
  • You take prescription drugs? In case yes, which ones have started or have stopped taking?
  • Baby if you drug?

Although in the treatment and it will take time, this way you will improve the quality of your life. And it's not worth throwing the trek to the doctor's embarrassment. Remember that this is a common problem, capable of entering into a depression, destroying the self-esteem and make you avoid sex. And that is to get rid of it is possible at any age.