Photos phimosis: as seen in the dangerous and not dangerous, capable of

Quite often to urologist and andrologist are directed to the young men with complaints of tightness of the foreskin and on all outgoing due to this discomfort — pain in the sexual act, decreases the sensitivity of the glans of the penis, the impossibility of his Baring for the fulfillment of personal hygiene and others.

All that refer to a narrowing of the foreskin is called phimosis.


The men who have similar symptoms after puberty can live with a phimosis all your life, without the necessity of resorting to the doctor. Most people with not very pronounced of the disease. However, not all things are "tolerated".

There are different degrees of phimosis. In total, there are four. And if the first grade can't be cured, but to comply with the measures of prevention, for the disease has not progressed, the three degrees of doctors advise you to try it immediately.

The treatment of phimosis is done in several ways. This can be:

  • The operation of circumcision (there is a technique of holding circumcisio);
  • The laser treatment of the phimosis;
  • The stretching of the skin of the foreskin of the home remedies, special devices, technical manual, ointment).

Phimosis in children is a bit different situation. The parents bring the children to the medical inspection, of worrying that the child may be a few deviations from the normal development.

In reality, don't worry if the child did not start the complications in the form of the scar phimosis, balanite, or paraphimosis, which are subject to treatment, and paraphimosis requires immediate action on the part of the surgeons.

In the case of that, if all goes well, not only should ensure the hygiene of the child, to get used to independent a careful washing of the head of the penis at that moment, when she already has the possibility of undress.

Phimosis is normal in children under the age of 10 years and is not subject to treatment, if not there are reasons. However, and the children carry out an action. Circumcision serves absolute prevention of phimosis, and you can also save the penis of such serious complications like paraphimosis.

Below, we present and describe the different photos phimosis, so that you can have the idea of what it is, how it looks one degree or another, type or shape to that described by the disease.

Phimosis in children

Phimosis in children

The newly-born child with birth defects, phimosis is something absolutely normal. The head and the flesh of his foreskin and connected with each other in the film, that with age it should begin to pull away from the mucosa, giving the possibility of delayed prepuce and the dismantling of the crown.

In this old, open the baby's head can not be. Therefore, you can not try to do it by force, otherwise, could result in injury, and follow-up of complications.

Physiological phimosis, the child of 4 years with the normal development of the crown still may not be up to the open end.

The scar phimosis in children. At the tip of the foreskin has a small remodeling scars, that is not a good sign. If the child highlights the capillaries and veins of the tension of the skin of the foreskin, it is best to undergo medical examination.

The degree of phimosis (stage)

The first degree of phimosis: there is the possibility of the naked head of the penis and in erectum and in a state of tranquillity, but in a state of excitement, this is achieved with work.

When sex can cause pain, discomfort, hemophilia, the rapid onset of orgasm, for a long time on the offensive orgasm.

The second degree of phimosis: head discovered in a state of tranquility. In a state of excitation to the second degree of back of the foreskin is only partially.

Third grade phimosis: head with difficulty to the naked in a state of tranquillity, and in erectum does not open, in general.

Fourth level: you can reveal the glans or at rest or in a state of erection.

Launched the fourth grade of phimosis: the hole in the end of the foreskin is so small, that the man makes it difficult to go to the bathroom. If in this position and it is possible to sex, the more likely it is to be called only the torment.

If prepuce is still not fused welds with the mucosa of the head, when you urinate, the entire circumference of the foreskin will swell the pressure from the urine, and little by little reach through a small opening. The same thing is going to happen with the semen. This takes the pain and reduces the personal hygiene not.

Complicated state when phimosis

The scar phimosis in the male. The flesh of his foreskin on the end has a lot of scars of trauma. The scars will little by little begin to reduce the size of the skin, the "selection" of the nature in prepuce. This leads to the progression of the disease.

Paraphimosis , nor that other, as the undermining of the head of the penis foreskin. The complication that occurs most frequently in men from the second or third degree of the phimosis.

The scar phimosis

Forms of phimosis

Atrophic phimosis. The consequence of the lack of the skin. More often, scars occur precisely in this form of phimosis.

Hypertrophic phimosis in an adult male. This state is characterized by the presence of excess leather from the fabric of the foreskin. However, this does not mean that the width of the leather case for the ring reaches the required dimensions.

The treatment of the disease

  • The method of dorsal incision.
  • The method of circular resection.
  • Laser dissection of the short frenulum of the penis and the removal of the hyper-trophic phimosis in the male.
  • Laser removal of the foreskin.

You must remember, easy if the degree of the phimosis, to adjourn whether or not there are any at all — has to be checked with the doctor urologist or back for prophylactic purposes. It is easier to avoid disease than to cure it.