Phimosis in men (narrowing of the foreskin): the photography, the symptoms, the causes of the

The men in the sexual organs is a separate issue. Delicate does not only apply to the dimensions of "dignity", but also in the opportunities that it provides. The authority is required to satisfy the genetic needs of the reproduction and satisfaction, but also to maintain the nervous system and the hormonal system. Anatomically advanced design removes it from the body of the urine and the semen, produced the testosterone, helps to reset the accumulated tension. Break tasks of the function can only be pathology.

phimosis in men

Today we will talk about the pathology, which can be obtained both at birth and throughout life. Phimosis in men is a contraction of the extreme of the flesh, with its release at the time of the erection or urination difficult. The pain, the itching, the inflammation is very irritating main symptoms. We're going to find, can be taken in the army with the disease, and to what doctor to go to with the problem. Consider the stage and type of disease, as well as what to do with the consequences.

Classification: relative phimosis and pathological

The connective tissue in the penis acquires elasticity with the passage of time. Therefore, the 95 percent of the newborns is observed the innate need of phimosis. Reasons for concern do not, and parents need to make sure that the opening of the head is produced in a natural way. This tends to occur years in 5, but sometimes (individually) the disclosure occurs only in the puberty of a child (12-13 years old). Therefore, the field of urology distinguish between two options (the one in the photo before and after):

  • Physiological phimosis (congenital) – is seen in children and adolescents;
  • Acquired by the gap of phimosis is a condition that appears for some reason the adult men.

Relative phimosis is characterized by the following symptom: in the quiet state member of the crown can be released, and this does not cause discomfort. However, when the erection of the release head brings pain. Babies relative phimosis is a permanent phenomena, due to a genetic predisposition to errors in the foreskin. Parents should follow the child time to respond to the pathology:

  • In the first place, it is not worth by stretching the skin on the penis up to two years of age;
  • In the second place, you must follow the process of urination (difficulty is the baby or not, he appears the pain or the curvature of the jet);
  • In the third place, to listen to the complaints of the child to the itching and burning sensation in the groin;
  • In fourth place, warn the adolescent about the broadcasts begin and explain that any discomfort when rolling the acquittal is the beginning of the pathology, that must be reported immediately.

Physiological phimosis rarely cause inflammation. The child has not produced semen and of the secretions of the urethra, in addition to the urine. Under the fold of the foreskin does not accumulate bacteria and microorganisms, but correct intimate hygiene of the area is the main target and the child and the parents. In childhood, phimosis physiological the emergence of sinehii. Is spike, because the head and the flesh of your foreskin get. Up to three years of age, the points should go, otherwise you'll have to go to a surgeon.

types of phimosis

Phimosis pathological is an acquired disease that is diagnosed in 5% of the male population. For the adults there is a rating, where you set the stage and type of disease course.

As seen phimosis

Older men are diagnosed as non-physiological phimosis, and acquired pathological. A cause of the disease let's look at a little later, and now to determine what kind it is phimosis in adults.

  1. In the first place, it is the scar phimosis – the foreskin formed cracks and breakages, which are the healing of the scars (as the seams after operations). This violates the elasticity of the skin of the head and the flesh around them. Sex with scar in the form of the disease that causes discomfort, sometimes accompanied by intense pain. In the background the remnants of the sex, it can result in psychological damage. The hole to eject the urine from the small, because the scars can form in it. It alters the function of selection.
  2. In the second place, hypertrophic phimosis. With its appearance, this variant of the disease can even scare the human, who was not before with the problem. He makes the overweight men, when in the groin area are are excess fat cells. In the background, the excess fat on the flesh of your foreskin, grows beyond the measures and covering the glans of the penis. The dimensions of the skin the cutting edge, surprised by its shape. Bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms well-kept in a warm environment and the moisture by transpiration. Such a phimosis leads to the diseases of the genitourinary system, in a very short span of time.

Urologists claim that the signs phimosis fairly typical. Perform the follow-up of the disease in adulthood is easy, if:

the stage of phimosis
  • Often, they produce inflammatory processes in the sexual relationship of authority within the system;
  • Painful urination, and the scrotum area pica, pica and blushes;
  • Are visible scars and in the trunk, and in the foreskin of the member;
  • Appeared purulent the urethra;
  • Constantly feel the bad smell of the penis, which quickly resumed after the hygiene procedures;
  • With the passage of time, the flesh of skin with the head more and more.