Urethritis — the inflammation process in the wall of the channel of urination, may be acute or chronic, caused by disease by virus or bacteria.

Main urethritis


Urethritis manifests itself when someone enters the urethra of the organisms, most frequently sexually transmitted. Bacterial form of urethritis can be acute or chronic. Usually progresses with less clinical expression of the painting. Patients complain of pain when urinating, burning sensation and itching in the urinary channel. Celebrate the allocation of scarce, sometimes of the mucous membranes or purulent.

Main urethritis

Distinguish acute as well as chronic urethritis, caused by bacteria. During acute and nonspecific inflammation is different from the clinical view gonorrheal of urethritis. The duration of an incubation period may be different. Local signs of inflammation manifest that it is not so bright. Occurs pain when urinating, itching, burning sensation, as well as the contrasting or the same situation-purulent, in addition, a small inflammation of the mucosa of the urethra and of the tissues that surround the outside of the exit of the urethra.

Permanent inflammation of the urethra, usually happens with the small symptoms. Shows a slight itching, as well as a burning sensation during urination, scanty mucous membranes of the selection with great resistance to the therapy. A brief summary and a broad channel of the emission of the urine of girls or women gives the possibility of infection freely penetrate to urinary a vacuum, to cause cystitis, which was diagnosed at the time of the ultrasound of the bladder. For the purpose of men, the chronic form of the disease which in some moments is complicated colliculites is the inflammation of the combined tuber. In itself the seed tuber is a place of output of output of the ducts of the prostate or of the ditches. The inflammation of this organ can be the cause of Sunday-sperm or disorders of the ejaculation of the men.

As quickly cure urethritis

Secondary bacterial urethritis

The infection of the body gets to the urethra canal of the source of the infection, you can be in the organs of the pelvis, the bladder, the prostate, in vials or can be developed in the period of the disease, infectious angina, pneumonia. For secondary non-specific type of the disease is characteristic of much latent for. The patients presented complaints about the weak, pain during urination, small discharge from the urethra, with situation-purulent nature, the more strongly expressed in the morning. In the children the feeling of pain during urination often do not exist. In the period of examination reveals the congestion, as well as the agglutination of sponges external opening of the urethra.

During the fair of samples, the portion of the urine is cloudy, not as usual, contains a large number of leukocytes. Return to the portion of the number of leukocytes is lower, and in the third, and most often, compliance with the rule. To the prior of the definition of the nature of the microflora implement microscopy analysis separate from the urethra. In order to clarify the type of agent of the infection, as well as of the sensitivity to antibiotics deployed seeding or separate detection of contamination of the urethra.

Blenorrgico urethritis

Blenorrgico urethritis lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Passed him sexual. It is often possible and products for the home, route the transition of the infection at the time of the shared use of towels, toilet. Home factor of infection is more common in children. At the time of delivery it is also a disease that can be transmitted, if the mother is diagnosed with gonorrhea, the child may develop the infection of the conjunctiva of the eyes. Due to the sexual intercourse with a carrier of gonorrhoea through 4-6 days manifest yellowish-gray purulent urination, also produces the sensation of pain and burning. When the advance of the infection up the urethra, the area of the inflammation is more and more extensive, the patient raises the temperature of a feeling of weakness and chills. Often hidden period of the disease continues until several weeks. In this case, blenorrgico urethritis, as a general rule, acquires a chronic character of the current.

The chronic form of gonorrheal of urethritis develops:

Urethritis in men
  • among the patients who were not treated, or not until the end of the cured acute inflammatory process of the urethra, gonococcal etiology;
  • among the patients in whom the immunity weakens;
  • in the period of participation in the inflammation of the prostate, as well as the posterior area of the urethra.

Criteria of cure

After 7-10 days after the treatment is finished, spend microscopy analysis separate from the urethra. When the gonorrhea not to manifest, it runs the total of the provocation: biological, also of the chemistry of the provocation (to be inserted into the urethra, 0,5 r-ra silver nitrate). Still implementing mechanical, thermal (heating industriesysteme currents and, finally, the provocation with the consumption of alcohol or foods rich in fat.

After which every day during the three days that discussed the secret of the prostate gland, the thread of the urine, or the strokes of the urethra. In case of absence of leukocytes or Neisseria gonorrhoeae provocation resumed after 1 month. After a month passed the third, the last test of control study. When clinical signs and no gonorrhea no longer produce at the time of planting and the examination, the patient is removed from accounting.


When gonorrheal form of urethritis favorable the prognosis is only possible in the case of the systematic and the appropriate treatment. Run the most severe cases, which can be accompanied by the education stickuri of the urethra. The clinical picture can join the chronic prostatitis, epididimit, followed by infertility.

Trichomonas urethritis

Trichomonas urethritis lead to the most common of the infections that are transmitted by sexual intercourse. Men, because of the infection get the pathogenic microorganisms that are found in vials of the prostate. The infection occurs urinariorum channels. The causative agent of this disease — Trichomonas, pear-shaped bacteria.

Hlamidiyniy urethritis

The disease hlamidiyniy urethritis causes the bacterium — chlamydia. This infection can also affect the respiratory system, the digestive system, the eyes, can cause bronchitis, pneumonia, conjunctivitis.

Hlamidiyniy urethritis, as a general rule, develops indolently. Process of inflammation of the urethra, in some cases passed with the defeat of the joints. Diagnostic is the presence in painted scraping the urethra semilunar intracellular inclusions.

Kandidamikoze urethritis

The cause of urethritis

Develops as a result of the defeat of the mucosa droge-sicut mushrooms. Frequently, complication of a long antibiotic therapy. Passes, as a general rule, without the need of the clinical symptoms. It can be detected tooth, insubstantial burning, reduced secretion of the urethra. The treatment consists in the cancellation of an antibiotic, the designation of the vitamins and antifungal drugs.

Prevention of urethritis

To prevent infection one should avoid unprotected contacts and sex random, adhere to the rules of hygiene, but it is also very important to avoid bacterial penetration stimulant in the body. And for this reason it is very important to cure all chronic and acute diseases of the disease, not to run them.

The cause of urethritis

Uretriti are divided into primary, if the replenishment process begins right at the wall of the channel, as well as of the side, if the bacterium enters the channel of the other organs. As a general rule, the infection enters the channel when the cystitis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis, inflammation of genitals.

The first and essential "bell", which should bring with it a visit to the doctor, is going to cause pain when you urinate and discomfort.

The infection in the canal of the urination in the first urethritis, as a general rule, penetrates after the sexual relationship. It is possible infection after an injury, catheterization of the bladder. Once in a when left to take allergic uretriti.

This disease is very rarely develops in the absence of an infectious agent (toxic, radiation, allergic urethritis). Often, the cause of the appearance of this disease are injury at the time of the completion of diagnostic or treatment procedures (urinary catheterization in men, the local drug and others).

The symptoms of urethritis


The symptoms of urethritis gonorrheal

For chronic inflammation of the march concerns not bright of the intensity of the symptoms. The sick annoying itching, as well as a slight burning in the urethra. The beginning of the urination is performed in parallel with the weakness of the pains. The selection of the urethra small, the situation of contrast, usually in the morning. The analysis of strokes indicates the presence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, as well as the secondary microflora.

In the period of chronic gonorrheal of urethritis in the process often involve the ducts paraurethral glands. The inflammation makes it more difficult to reflux, leading to duct obstruction, progression of infiltrates, abscesses, as well as osmawani of the cavities. In general, the patient's condition worsens, it is characterized by sudden pain during urination.

The symptoms of urethritis Trichomonas

The first symptoms appear after 2-10 days from the time of contact of the bacterium in the body. But very often, the patients do not is no special complaints, especially in regards to the symptoms of urethritis in women.

Often men trichomoniasis continues to be asymptomatic or produce very little symptoms. Patients often do not realize their disease and distribute it among his companions. In 15-20% of the situations in the chronic form develops prostatitis, worsening the state of the patient, as well as hampers the healing.

The typical symptoms are itching and burning sensation in the urethra, pain during sexual intercourse, frequent need to urinate. The symptoms may worsen after the ingestion of alcoholic beverages. It is noteworthy that the complaint in this case, can be very diverse — from small discomfort to sexual dysfunction associated with neurotic condition.

The diagnosis of urethritis

The diagnosis of urethritis gonorrheal

Diagnosis and spend microscopy of the secretions of the urethra. The diagnosis confirmed that, when present, gonorrhea — gram-negative, bean-shaped aerobic diplococci. Standard analysis is composed of two stages, the staining by the method of Gram, as well as a green diamond.

The diagnosis of urethritis Trichomonas

The diagnosis is made on the basis of the data of the clinical history, the results of the microscopic survey the clinical picture. In case of doubt, you are directed to a weapon bacteriological study.

The treatment of urethritis

Today, urology has effective practices in the treatment of nonspecific urethritis. The strategy of treatment is decided depending on the type of excitation, expressed of symptoms, the presence or absence of complications. The tandem of urethritis with cystitis becomes an indication the accumulated of treatment. In the period chronic non-specific progress of the reception of medicines antibacterial replenished instillation of the urethra by the solution dioksidina, as well as of collargol, or nitrate of silver, to carry out activities that are directed to the stabilization of the immunity. The result of the therapy at the time of secondary urethritis in large part related to the effectiveness of the primary treatment of the disease, the stenosis of the urethra, vezikulita, and prostatitis.

The treatment of urethritis gonorrheal

The treatment of urethritis is related to the designation of antibiotics with bactericidal and bacteriostatic action. On the basis of the treatment of the gonorrheal of the urethritis careful laboratory and clinical inspection of the patients, the comprehensive treatment of the nature: symptomatic, pathogenic, causal therapy with individual approach to each patient.

Most often used for the treatment of the following antibiotics:

  • ketocef;
  • klaforan;
  • oletetrin;
  • levomitsetin;
  • the penicillin;
  • erythromycin and other.

But, of course, the treatment of urethritis in both men and women should only be the doctor. Self-medication is not valid.

The treatment of urethritis Trichomonas

Use specific anti-Trichomonas drugs, the most effective are metronidazole, the liberalis and tinidazole. The sequence of treatment is determined by the condition of the patient, the severity of symptoms, the presence of complications or additional infections that are transmitted by sexual intercourse. Self-care is not valid, because it can contribute to the deformation of an acute process into a chronic form.

In order to prevent reinfection carrying out the ongoing therapy of the sexual partner of the patient. During the treatment and for a couple of months of his final ill recommend frequent drinking, avoid spicy food and alcohol from the diet. When resistant chronic inflammation is assigned and the general and local therapy. For 5-6 days ill spend the instillation of a 1% solution trichomonacide a duration of around 10-15 minutes.


The duration of treatment is approximately 1 month. During the treatment and recovery will have to wait with sex acts.

The treatment of urethritis, chlamydia

Disadvantages in the treatment of chlamydia are caused by the lack of permeability of the membranes of the cells to a large amount of antibiotics. Are characteristic recurrent manifestation after applied treatments. In order to improve the effectiveness of medications broad-spectrum that is prescribed in parallel with corticosteroid medications. The limit of dose of prednisone 40 mg/day, the duration of treatment is 2 to 3 weeks. During the course of the therapy portion of hormones gradually fall until the complete cancellation.

The consequences of this disease may be ectopic pregnancy, labor, delivery before the deadline, in infertility, so it is important it is very appropriate to your treatment.