How to cure phimosis

Phimosis is characterized by the persistent contraction of the prepuce and the lack of full opening of the head of the penis. In childhood this condition is not regarded as the pathology and in the majority of cases, it disappears without leaving a trace, without the intervention of doctors. In adult men, phimosis is manifested painful of the sintomatologa and requires quality medical care.

In the therapy of the disease is practiced conservative and surgical methodology of stretching or the removal of the foreskin. How to cure the phimosis, it is well known that the medical specialty, for example, a urologist. After the test, the patient is served the gentle method of therapy, unable to cause any complications.

member of the phimosis

The basic principles of the

During the examination of the patient, urologists often offer men a surgical intervention. Patients cannot give up the operation, despite the fact that its realization is due to the cutting or complete removal of the foreskin. The disease leads frequently to serious complications. When the diagnosis of 1 or 2 of the severity of the pathology of the men is assigned to the special treatment of the ointments and of the methods of stretching the tissues of the penis. This therapy is very effective and allows to avoid surgery in 80% of cases. If there are no positive results of conservative treatment in a patient shows an operation.

If the child as it grows to the physiological phimosis does not pass, then the parent is not worth to postpone the visit to the doctor. Incomplete opening of the head of the penis often results in inflammatory processes, and also makes the fabric more thick. In addition, this condition becomes the cause of the psychological distress of a child or adolescent, which is very desirable, that at this age. That is the correct approach to the therapy of phimosis:

  • how can the earlier start of the treatment, to avoid destructive-degenerative changes in the tissues;
  • the realization of a complete examination of the patient;
  • the use of non-drug techniques only with the consent of a urologist.

The contempt of the medical recommendations may occur in the future of the numerous complications of the painful erection and the sexual act, and in some cases of impotence. Not worth telling phimosis delicate problem, as well as in adulthood, this disease requires immediate treatment.

The treatment of the phimosis with the help of the surgery that allows you to quickly get rid of the negative symptoms and prevent the complications of

The pharmacological treatment

the treatment of ointments

The use of methods of the medication therapy in adult men allows you to improve the elasticity of the foreskin. Conservative treatment of phimosis consists in the combination of the voltage with the use of the external means. The greater therapeutic effectiveness is a feature of the ointments, creams and gels, active ingredients that are corticosteroids.

The main contraindications for the application of ointments and creams with corticosteroids are acute or chronic inflammatory processes, driven by viruses, bacteria, or fungal pathogens. Despite the fact that the exterior of the utilization of steroid hormones that penetrate in the bloodstream, and little by little accumulate in the tissues. The excess recommended by the urologist of per diem and simple of dosage units, as well as the duration of the therapeutic course will be the cause of the development of allergy and the drastic reduction of the immunity.

The disregard of medical recommendations would lead to the development of the following conditions:

  • the thinning of the epidermis;
  • the change of color of the skin of the penis;
  • deformation unit of blood and lymphatic vessels.

What are the ointments you can enjoy the men is determined by the doctor is the only one that must take into account the general state of health of the patient and the presence of chronic pathologies of the liver and kidneys. In the absence of contraindications external medications dramatically improve the treatment of phimosis through the relaxation and to improve the elasticity of the skin of the foreskin. In the process of the therapy, the man should regularly visit a urologist for the inspection of the surveys.

Treat phimosis at home help ointments with corticosteroids, provide an anti-inflammatory effect

Non-drug treatment or the stretching of the foreskin

This method of therapy in phimosis is practiced from several decades ago, although the attitude of urologists to he ambiguous. Many doctors considered to be ineffective, too long and offered at once to perform a surgical operation. But thanks to the original statistics of the research, it has established the relationship between the probability of occurrence of congenital phimosis and ways of masturbation.

They have formulated theories about the possibility of the therapy of the disease is gradual stretching of the foreskin. Before use, non-pharmacological treatment requires the consultation and examination by a specialist, as well as the permanent control of doctor.

the treatment of the phimosis

In the process of therapy, you must comply with the following rules:

  • dedication the tension on the foreskin;
  • stretching, not allowed the emergence of pain and other shameful feelings.

The main conservative method of therapy innate phimosis — outcrop of the head of the penis during masturbation. Daily handling should be done within 15 minutes. If the man is diagnosed the pathology of first degree of severity, is the fulfillment of the recommendations of doctors will help you to get rid of the disease after 2-1,5 months without the need to perform the operation. Another effective method of treatment was the tension of the skin of the foreskin to the glans of the penis. These manipulations it is advisable to carry out during the hygiene procedures and after emptying the bladder. Stretch the foreskin slowly and carefully until the slight pain.

In the therapy of phimosis it employs the method of thumb-stretching. Their development must be careful and avoid the appearance of painful sensations. For the stretching should be carefully entered in praeputium sac the fingers and slowly raise. The duration of the therapeutic course is from one to several months. If during the treatment of phimosis in the skin or mucous membranes and produce redness, micro injuries or swelling, so manipulation should be discontinued immediately and contact for the survey and the target of anti-inflammatory drugs to a urologist.

In the initial phase of the phimosis pathology responds well to treatment by the method of stretching the foreskin

The antiseptic solutions

Treat phimosis at home is necessary only in an environment of maximum sterility. Otherwise, even with a small trauma occurs the infection of the foreskin pathogenic bacteria. To avoid the development of events of this negative scenario will help the right approach to therapy. Before performing the manipulation must take a bath of lukewarm water, the strong water infusion of medicinal plants:

  • the queue,
  • st. john's wort,
  • the camomile.

The concentration of herbal solution must be high enough so that the water in the bathtub stained in yellowish colour.

You can not move sharply to the foreskin, as well as a serious effect becomes the cause of the rupture of the tissues and the formation of the inflammatory of the fireplace. To improve sliding, you can use vaseline oil, preferably sterile. Such preventive measures urologists recommend their use in the therapy of children. The adult man is able to dispense with bathroom, limited hot shower. Here are the antiseptic solutions should be used in any case. It is strictly forbidden to process the skin strong disinfectants: diamond of vegetation, iodine.

Before performing the treatment of the manipulations and after they must be applied on the skin of the penis antiseptic solutions.

Drugs have a potent antimicrobial and antifungal effects, contribute to the rapid regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes. If it was a slight trauma of the foreskin, help ointments speed up the healing.

the operation of phimosis

The surgery

The quality of the surgical intervention is a direct function of what you will need to treat the phimosis. The choice should take into account the qualification of the doctor performing the operation, and the capacity of the clinic. When you assign surgical of the methodology of doctor on account of the severity of the disease, the patient's age and the presence of chronic pathologies in the story. As a general rule, the operation does not require the use of tools for general anesthesia. Indications for the use of these medications are:

  • children's age;
  • the increase of nervous tension and anxiety;
  • the individual sensitivity to the drugs used.

Tools for general anesthesia may be applied by the staff of the will of men or the parents of the child. Get rid of the phimosis possible with the help of the classics of the operation, which lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. In the penis, there are many blood vessels, so that during this surgical manipulation can result in an increase of the hemorrhage. Circumcision is characterized by a time of rehabilitation period of time (3-4 weeks), during which perceived subtle pain, it causes swelling of the tissues. To speed up the recovery and reduce the severity of the clinical manifestations of the patient are assigned to the system and external drugs.

If in the treatment of phimosis is applied to the laser, the bleeding is not caused by a flash-weld the damaged tissues and vessels. The duration of the surgery is 20 to 25 minutes, after which the patient was discharged to continue recovery at home. For a period of rehabilitation is not characterized by strong that the sensation of pain and swelling of the tissues. Usually complete healing of the authority occurs in the course of the week.

As a general rule, fusion of the foreskin is unpleasant and frightening pathology for men, teens and children. Phimosis is dangerous and like a disease, and as the state, is able to induce numerous complications. You should not try to solve the problem yourself at home, and better have recourse to proper medical care.