The treatment of adenoma of prostate without surgery: medications

The prostate gland, prostate — unpaired organ of glandular and smooth muscle of the fabric. It is located in the bottom department from the cavity of the pelvis below the bladder, between them, the front part of the wall of the rectum and of the department of the diaphragm. Iron covers the initial part of the urethra, your prostate part.


Polietiologic disease that occurs due to expansion of the glandular zone of the prostate, is called the adenoma of prostate. The risk of this disease lies in the fact that it produces a difficulty with the normal ability to empty the bladder. This is because the urethra, which is excreted in the urine, it is located near the prostate. Therefore, in the absence of therapy, enlarged prostate compresses the urethra. Therefore, man can be as you run the disease, that other output or total or partial disposal of the authority, it is not. To avoid the need for mandatory surgical treatment, you must correctly follow the conservative therapy.

The indications for treatment with drugs

When confirmed the diagnosis of adenoma of the prostate, the first thing that is determined to be conservative of the medication. The drug therapy may be applied, if there are problems with the kidneys. To obtain the indications for treatment are:

  • relapses after surgical treatment, that had been made, after a time;
  • advanced age;
  • when the patient is decidedly refers to the intervention;
  • the initial phase of the disease and the small size of the prostate.

Contraindications it is in violation of urinary function. You also can not apply the pharmacological treatment, if the rest of the urine is found in the volume of more than one hundred milliliters. Among the number of other contraindications, can be distinguished:

  • the presence of bleeding of the inclusions in the urine;
  • if you have stones in the bladder;
  • if you look at retention acute of the urinary bladder.
The treatment of the

Attention! After a detailed survey, the doctor should only deal with the selection of the medication. In the adenoma of prostate self-medication, is prohibited. Not recommended to take independent medications to relieve the symptoms, it can greatly aggravate the box clinical.

The treatment of adenoma of prostate medications

Adenoma of the prostate is benign in nature neoplasia. Given that education has a benign nature, metastasis does not occur, therefore, the disease is subjected to conservative treatment.

A group of drugsSynopsis
Androgenic drugsThe basis of the therapy of the adenoma of the prostate are always androgens. The data of the medicines are working well with the first symptoms. In the composition of the production of the androgen testosterone, which is capable of influencing renal function. It is important to note that androgens are not able to stop the growth of the tumor, so that the observation of a physician mandatory. The course of treatment and the necessity of the reception of androgens determines the doctor is the only one, because in case of an overdose of testosterone is able to affect the power of the disease. The first course of treatment does not last more than a month (the dosage is attributed after the analysis)
Antiandrogen drugsThese drugs, which are able to stop the growth of the tumor. Unfortunately, during the processing of the data of the tool held the unpleasant side effect the decrease of the power. The duration of treatment is three months, when this drug is introduced only once a week
Anti-inflammatory and diuretic medicationsThis group of medications is assigned to facilitate the process of extracting the urine out of the body. Can be applied in order to alleviate the symptoms and improve the state, but not for the treatment of the disease. Optional in combination with these medications, the doctor may assign the intake of vitamins. The duration and the dose determined by the attending physician on the basis of the individual characteristics of the evolution of the disease
SuppositoriesWell affects the prostate the application of the chandeliers. It is determined that this type of medicines is one of the most effective in terms of exposure to a diseased organ. In the introduction of the candles in the rectum, the medicinal substances have the maximum effect on the prostate. In the composition of the suppositories can be bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, propolis, oil of cocoa. Regular use of suppositories is characterized by the following results: eliminates the inflammatory process of the prostate; prevents the growth of tumors; restores the main functions of the genitourinary system

This is very important. During the treatment it is obligatory the use of candles, which reduce to a minimum the risk of acute urinary retention in the body. Therefore, you can delay the operation or to avoid completely.

Treatment with alpha-blockers

This group of medications is assigned in order to reduce the blood pressure in the authority. In addition it stimulates the blood flow to the muscles found in the bladder, relax. Therefore, you can solve the symptom of the difficulties of micturition.

Beware! Alpha-blockers only eliminate unpleasant symptoms, but are not able to influence the growth of the adenomas, therefore, cannot be used as the main drug. In addition, the main side effects are headache and constant nausea.


Treatment with inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase

If men diagnosed of large dimensions, prostate, prescribed drugs, inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase. The main property of the drugs – the reduction of the prostate and minimizing the symptoms. The duration of treatment in this case, it takes several months.

However, these drugs are not always possible to completely eliminate the manifestations of the disease, given that the size of the prostate may not match up with the complications.

In addition, we identify the following side effects:

  • frequent headaches;
  • the feeling of nausea
  • the retrograde ejaculation.

The antagonists of the cholinergic receptor of the receptors

Traditionally used for the treatment of disorders of urination, the cause of which lies in the violation of the innervation of the bladder. The basic principle of their actions — violation of conductivity of the nerve fibers of the parasympathetic nervous system and, in consequence, the reduction of the severity of the disorders of the anchorage of the phase.

General recommendations

After the diagnosis of an organism and the assessment of its clinical specialist, individually course of treatment of the therapy. The treatment of adenoma of the prostate, the patient should be taken with all seriousness and not to apply for himself to any of the controversial drugs.

For example, on the internet you can find a lot of advertising, which guarantees fast and help cure the adenoma of the prostate. There are very popular drug of seventh-day adventists. But few people know that this tool applies only in veterinary medicine and of cases of death of animals after a course of treatment of asd is not little. Some patients who took this medication, they say, is that it works on the placebo effect. The conventional therapy in the adenoma of the prostate has no serious side effects and is not harm to health, therefore it is better not to experiment with unknown drugs.

All the products correspond with the doctor, as some medications can give you a side effect, it's much worse to be transferred to a patient that the symptoms of adenoma. Do not forget that in the period of the therapy must remain under the supervision of a specialist and the monitoring of changes in the prostate.

To therapy gave positive effect fast, it is recommended to use in combination with the treatment. There are many herbal medications that the adjustments are made, which is no less effective than influence the state of the prostate. Among them it is worth mentioning the most effective:

The tincture of propolis
  1. The tincture of propolis. This drug is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory agents in the adenoma of prostate. To prepare a candle will need 50 grams of propolis, alcohol (200 milliliters). The propolis-evaporate the alcohol and then it takes 0.2 grams of prepared substance and is added to the cocoa butter. Each night a candle is inserted into the rectum. The treatment duration will be one month with a repeat course of the celebration.
  2. The tincture of bark of poplar. It is necessary to insist 100 grams of the dry raw material in 200 ml of alcohol or vodka throughout fourteen days. Finished of tincture taken three times a day for twenty drops diluted in water. The tool is taken half hour before food intake. The duration of therapy is three weeks.

Do not forget that even herbal remedies can have contraindications, so that each method of treatment must be consistent with the specialist.