Phimosis in men: treatment in the home

The disease, which refers exclusively to men, is defined as phimosis. The essence of the disease consists in a contraction of the foreskin. According to the data of the investigation it was determined that the phimosis is genetic, but that is a accurate of the cause of origin of the specialists have not been found. Fortunately, this condition can be solved not only the intervention, but the treatment in the home.

phimosis in men

The symptoms and the possible causes of

A prerequisite to the development of the phimosis can be obtained by the man injury. In addition, the disease can be caused by inflammatory process of the infection.

Note! Phimosis is a pathological process that by itself does not pass, therefore, it is necessary to know how they can combat with the help of folk medicine.

Among the major signs of development of phimosis are distinguishable the following:

  1. At the beginning, the development of the disease may be insufficient disclosure of the head when erect.
  2. In the second stage of a pathological process such advances, of which the foreskin does not give the possibility of stripping the head completely, or the process is very difficult.
  3. The third stage is accompanied by morbidity, as the member in erection can not to expose the glans, the foreskin is so overgrown that it is possible bleeding.
  4. In the last stage the man has severe pain. Severe pain during urination, the temperature rises, in terms of power, the problems begin. During palpation of the inguinal area, you may feel an enlargement of the lymph nodes.

Help! When the man began to have problems with the fact that the flesh of his foreskin covered, you should consult a doctor immediately and take action. Since the restoration of the foreskin without interventions occurs in males only up to three years.

What are the types of phimosis?

In accordance with a state of the specialists have defined two types of diseases:

  1. Hypertrophic. It shows the excess foreskin, that will be conditioned by the excessive weight of men or physiological characteristics.
  2. The scar. As a result of a sexual trauma of the authority may develop failure epidermal structures.

More frequent in adult men remains the conservation of the pathology of childhood, which is explained by the abnormal development of the connective tissue. Therefore, the development of phimosis directly associated with the hereditary factor.

As the condition can affect the sex life?

The initial stages of a narrowing of the foreskin may be the don't deliver any discomfort to the man during urination and sexual intercourse. So that the patients can tolerate the main error – the refusal of treatment in the initial phase and this gives rise to serious complications.

Almost all patients notice that this a pathological process highly affects the quality of sexual life and often leads to the complete cessation of it. Among all the complaints, may highlight the most common:

phimosis in men symptoms
  1. The sensitivity of the head of the maximum reduced. This is rigidity of the foreskin.
  2. During sexual intercourse, the man feels bad, which can sometimes manifest itself in the form of acute pain. When running the stages, you will begin bleeding.
  3. Occurs unusual of premature ejaculation.
  4. It drastically reduces the level of libido.

Consequently, it is observed sexual dysfunction. Therefore, if this is not phimosis, this can cause not only infertility, but also to the development of malignant tumors.

Phimosis or paraphimosis?

There are two similar by the name and the meaning of the concepts that define the male disease. Phimosis is a condition in which the critical slimming the opening of the foreskin. As a result, the head can not undress, as occurs in the normal state. Prerequisites to the development of the disease becomes healing, or an inflammatory process of chronic character. The condition can last from the age for a child to be formed already in the adulthood. Very often, to solve the problem by resorting to the procedure of circumcision. May be, as the complete and partial. But, in the cases in that you can't pass up a local treatment.

Paraphimosis is different from the contraction of the ring of the head of the member. The pathology is caused by the delay of medical care in case of problems with the exposure of the head. Solves the problem of the disease or the treatment special drugs, either through operations that are carried out under local anesthesia.

Who to contact?

For the diagnosis of the disease and get more tips on the narrowing of the prepuce, it is necessary to consult a specialist. If there is a possibility to find niche doctor, you can visit a urologist. After a request for the clinical history and of the inspection, it is possible to forward the patient to a surgeon. The main thing is that the man it commemorates that, the sooner you take positive action, the greater the chance of curing the disease and not be a victim of the consequences.

What are the effects?

If the patient ignores the problem in its initial phase, with the hope of curing himself, then it increases the likelihood of the following consequences:

  1. Phimosis can serve as a basis for the formation of stones in the kidneys.
  2. Cancer of the penis.
  3. The delay in the resolution of phimosis leads to a complication - the paraphimosis.
  4. The development of an infection in the bladder.
  5. One of the lightest of the consequences is the high temperature.
  6. The last phase of the condition may result in gangrene.

This is very important. It is significant that for men it is not so dangerous disease, such as out of borrowed time for the therapy.

phimosis in men treatment

How to cure without surgery?

If we talk about the initial stages of the pathological process, it delivers a mild upset and the man can solve by himself. But, in the case of ignorance of the disease, he is running and will end treatment method of the operation (circumcision). The second and the third stage is characterized by the intensification of the pains, that require you to leave even the sex life. Therefore, to get rid of the phimosis can be without the need of surgical intervention, if only the disease will not be running in the form.

As help ointment?

There are medicines for local treatment in the form of ointments, can be used in the home for the treatment of the.

The recommendation! That's just what is best to consult in advance with the advice of a doctor, and not to trust in the competence of the pharmacists, because the sexual health of men is very important.

The process of treatment more simple, it is required to apply the ointment on the penis two times a day. The affected area is processed to a thin layer of ointment over two or three months. The action of this therapy lies in the fact that the active substances of the ointment contribute to an increase of connective tissue. Therefore, the fabric is able to stretch. In addition to the medications of this group are not only the medications, but still and antiseptics. When you head viewed from the inflammation, it is recommended that the combined use of the ointments.

There are medications that are able to stretch the fabric. Therefore, the fabric will be flexible, and be ready to stretch. Before applying the ointment, it is recommended to treat the problem of the plot antiseptic or with a solution of permanganate of potassium. You can also use a camomile tea, but he's too weak antibacterial action. Apply the ointment it is necessary two times a day. If the treatment is performed by using steroid drugs, it is necessary to examine in detail all the contraindications.

This is very important. If the disease has manifested itself, the boy, the application of corticosteroid ointments is not appropriate. This type of medication is only applied to sexually mature men and contributes to the solution of the pathology in the home.

The application of the method of stretching as the treatment of

To get rid of the pathology independently, you can stretch the foreskin. This procedure is carried out with the help of special devices or simply in the manual mode. For adult men will be the most effective instrumental method, while for children and adolescents apply the manual stretching.

It is very important when using the stretch of abstain completely from sexual relations.

Recommendations for the procedure:

  1. If the stretching occurs manually, pre-cut your fingernails and wash their hands and processed antiseptic.
  2. Then, during half an hour, the patient must take a seat herbal the tray, so that the foreskin became a soft and has been prepared to stretch.
  3. During the time of execution of the procedure that you can experience the sensation of pain. Can be reduced considerably with the help of lubricants or ointments.
  4. The essence of the procedure consists in the introduction of the fingers into the orifice of the foreskin and. her in different directions along fifteen minutes.
  5. By the fact the procedure is complete, you can start to use popular recipes that help to prevent the inflammatory process.
  6. The manipulation can be performed up to three times a day, if there is no pain.

Necessarily sexual organ after a lift procedure to be processed antiseptic medicines. When on the head or foreskin is formed in the microcracks, it must be the ointment that heals.

phimosis in men treatment popular

Popular treatment phimosis

The method of treatment Synopsis
The juice of agave When the phimosis is accompanied by inflammatory process, it is recommended to apply the juice of fresh agave. Prepared by the juice through a syringe or a small syringe is inserted into the cavity of the prepuce. This manipulation must be done before you go to sleep once a day. Improving the state can be seen after only two days of the application of juice
The infusion of calendula Herbal remedy applied as compresses to the determination of the wound and prevent the inflammatory process. To do this, take a tablespoon of the dry mixture of herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. Within thirty minutes of the tool insists. Then, you must strain and you can begin the treatment. Get a pack before going to sleep
Herbal teas For the preparation of the therapeutic of the cooking you will need a tablespoon of the dry mixture, chamomile, tail, marigold. All of this is poured the boiled water and insist in twenty minutes. By the fact of the preparation of the tool, its use, in order of seating of the trays. For the effect of increasing, it is recommended to add in the herbarium of the cooking a tablespoon of baking soda (helps to stretch the tissues)
The decoction of barley For cleaning it is necessary to prepare a decoction of barley. To do this, in half a cup of beans, take half a liter of boiling water. Your infusion tool throughout the day, after which it is ready for use

When surgery is necessary?

It is worth remembering that the treatment of alternative medicine, as well as through local medicines can only be applied at the beginning of the development of phimosis. When the situation is complicated, then it is assigned to the surgical treatment. Circumcision is displayed in the following cases:

  1. When in the tissues, occurs necrosis.
  2. Developed paraphimosis (i.e., the head is tightened the ring). This phenomenon often results in gangrene.
  3. The process of dystrophy of the head and the foreskin also requires urgent attention of the circumcision.
  4. Criticism of the contraction, which leads to difficulties in urination.
  5. Resentment.
  6. The education of the inflammatory process.
  7. The Balanitis.

If you performed a correct, timely surgical treatment, the patient should not worry – you will have a speedy recovery and rehabilitation at the time of delivery fast.

Beware! We cannot allow the process of gangrene or necrosis, because then you can not maintain the possibility of having children.

To maintain the health of the men and to avoid problems in the sexual life, should be the first manifestations of phimosis, see a specialist and not to delay treatment. In the worst case you have to resort to a quick intervention.