The treatment of the prostate using the gym

Prostatitis and adenoma of prostate gland – common diseases of the genitourinary system, among the male population. If before the disease came out of the men in age, today are the young. 10% of men have problems already after twenty years. One of the reasons that cause the pathology of the prostate– the sedentary lifestyle that leads to stagnant phenomenon in the pelvic region. To effectively combat the diseases, it is necessary to increase the mobility and undertake regular exercise of the prostate and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

the adenoma of the prostate exercises

Are valid if the exercise of the adenoma of the prostate

Before you find out the exercise of the adenoma of prostate in men and prostatitis are useful and how to perform them, we will understand that it is for the disease and how to manifest it.

Prostatitis – the inflammation of the prostate. Through the available in the prostate channel, the pathogens and the infections they fall in the iron, causing an inflammatory process. When the prostate increases and puts pressure on the organs.

The following symptoms are present:

  • aches and plaintive laments pain in the lower part of the abdomen;
  • the violation of a process of urine;
  • the urge to frequent the bathroom by night;
  • inability of emptying the bladder;
  • an error in the erectile function;
  • the pain during the sexual act;
  • the appearance in the urine for red blood cells of the blood and the secretions.

Often, the pathology of which is not manifest and is diagnosed only on the basis of an ultrasound and a laboratory analysis.

The adenoma of the prostate is a condition that is expressed in the growth in the volume of the glands found in the mucosa and spongy tissue of the part of the channel of urinating men, who had a benign nature.

Another name of the adenoma – hyperplasia of the prostate. The hyperplasia has three stages:

  1. Offset (initial). It is expressed in the rhythm of urine output. Slow trickle, and weak, for the night, the ill bother the frequent urge to urinate. Stage lasts for one to three years. When the bladder will empty completely.
  2. Sub offset. In this stage occurs the compression of the urethra, so the bladder stops working normally. It is empty not up to the end of what the patient feels. With the time, with the partial filling of the bladder of urine involuntarily comes out in small portions. Its color changes, it gets cloudy and the urine appears a small amount of blood.
  3. Decompensado. At this stage in the bladder much of the urine, by which it expands. Matthew emphasizes droplets, by the stagnation darkens, and it appears the blood.

We highlight the following common symptoms of the pathology:

  • difficulties in the beginning of the allocation of the urine;
  • the increased urge to go to the bathroom
  • inability of emptying the bladder;
  • the interruption of the excretion of urine during defecation;
  • the tension in the lower part of the abdomen when you select the urine;
  • the weakness of the column of urine;
  • permanent stagnation, the urine, which leads to the development of the infectious disease of chronic nature;
  • kidney failure, maintenance;
  • the appearance of stones in the organs of the excretory system;
  • the delay constant of the urine.

The symptoms manifest individually and in combination. The detection of at least one of the signs of a valid reason for the visit to the doctor.

In the manifestation of the first symptoms of the disease, you must immediately begin to participate actively in the struggle with him, in order to avoid abandonment of the disease. In conjunction with the therapy, which will designate the doctor, it is useful to conduct exercises with prostatitis and adenoma. Improve the supply of the pelvic organs blood fluid and normalize the processes of change.

the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia

When exercising, you must follow some recommendations:

  1. Avoid eating loads of work in the area of the pelvis. Are contraindicated, since the excess lead to micro injury of the prostate and cause the severe pathology.
  2. Choose to that have shown in practice the effectiveness of types of sports and exercises. These include horse riding, bike rides, classes of various methods. It would be useful to yoga classes, swimming and the mobile of the sport.
  3. To avoid the feeling of discomfort when you run the complex of exercises. When you see the pain of training is stopped.

When the prostatitis and the adenoma of the physical education and sport benefits only in moderation. An excessive burden contraindicated due to the risk of exacerbation of the disease.

The use of exercises with prostatitis and adenoma of prostate

When you assign the main disease treatment, the doctors recommend as support measures through the elimination of diseases and prevention of physical exercise. The complex is developed on an individual approach and taking into account the characteristics of the course of the disease and the age of the patient.

The use of exercises consists of:

  1. The increase of the resistance of the muscles of the pelvis, the perineum, the front area of the peritoneum and of the back. This leads to facilitate the control of the urination, eliminate the pain and other symptoms of diseases.
  2. It improves the circulation of blood in the prostate and surrounding it with tissues. This contributes to the elimination of stagnation in the organs and reduce the possibility of occurrence of complications of the infection and the inflammation occurs in properties.
  3. The stop of the expansion of the adenoma.
  4. The reduction of the capacity of spending of the chronic prostatitis in the stage.
  5. The decrease of the probabilities of the occurrence of complications.
  6. The reduction of the period of rehabilitation after the surgery for removal of adenoma.

In addition to the strength of the impacts, the exercises that affect beneficially on the mental health and the emotional health of the patient, normalizes sexual activity and improve erectile function.

Types of exercises

Classes of problems related to the prostate are developed for the person who suffers the disease, individually. In its realization taking into account the characteristics of the incidence of the disease and its stage, as well as the physical preparation of the patient.

The classes should not lead to fatigue and injuries of the organs. When the negligence of the dysfunction of the initial classes are held in the swimming pool under the supervision of a doctor.

The complexes of exercises, depending on the direction of impact and effectiveness, are further subdivided into three types.

types of exercises

Static exercises

The essence of this type of exercise is limited muscle tension, which produces relaxation. Power voltage no load. The tissue of the muscles are stretched gently, providing the influx of the blood, and eliminate stagnation.

The positive results of the following:

  1. They accelerate the metabolic processes and recovery of cells in the prostate area.
  2. Occurs more quickly from the blood circulation, which leads to improve the functioning of the gland, and the removal of the inflammation.
  3. It raises the tone of the muscles of the bladder, and normalizes the process of withdrawal of the urine.

Static load is widely used by the patients, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Dynamics gymnastics

The orientation of this type –the achievement of a specified performance goal: running a provided in the distance, bending over a certain number of times, to swim in the established time period, and so on, Supporters of the dynamic of the exercises for active people, easily transported last of the cargo.

Types of these exercises:

  1. Sports walking or running. The choice of this type are not valid over temperature, and excessive cooling, therefore, the choice of clothing is stopped in wearing underwear of the lost air from the tissues.
  2. Swimming in bodies of water. This type is beneficial for the health of the prostate. The classes in the pool, it is recommended to combine with the application of water to the gym.
  3. Bike.
  4. Possibility of horse riding.

The dynamic exercises with severe disease are excluded.

Exercises for the whole body

The goal of the warm-up exercises of the whole body. Classes engage in the work of all the muscles and favorable are reflected in the functioning of the android of the urinary system.During the practice, it is preferable to perform squats, the inclinations, the lungs, the stretch marks and the adoption of certain provisions in the short term.

This load is ideal for the prevention of the disease and the cure in the latter stages, as well as the first two, in this period, they are able to damage the body.

Gym classes when the prostatitis and the adenoma is preferable to perform in the open air. This has a positive effect on the state of stress of men: eliminates irritation, improves sleep and mood.

The Methodology Of Kegel

Initially, the exercises designed for the treatment of women. Kegel, to realize the beneficial effects of exercise on urinary organs, completes the structure, adapting it for use in the treatment of men. A distinctive feature of the methodology – the impact on the muscle pubic part. In the classes, patients learn to keep under the control of the muscles, which contributes to the adaptation to the standard of process of the exit of the urine.

Steps to perform gymnastics kegel:

  1. Stretch the muscles of the pelvis and hold them in tension of 5 to 7 seconds. Relax the muscles.
  2. Hard to tighten and relax the muscles of the pelvis.
  3. Tensing the muscles during the evacuation of the urine.
the dynamic exercises

During practice it is expected a gradual increase in the load: with 5 repetitions of the exercise until the 70's. The number of daily approaches also increases from 2 to 5. To increase the effectiveness of the exercises under the crotch put the ball to play tennis.

In the classes, not a lot of time. The main conditions – the regularity and moderation of its celebration. Pick a series of exercises will help you to primary care physician.


The helper method in the treatment of prostate – yoga.

On the internet presented the next set of exercises, sample photos and videos:

  1. Breathing exercises. With the eyes closed to concentrate on the inhalation and the exhalation.
  2. Relaxation exercises. In supine position to relax the body, from the feet to the crown area of the head.
  3. The posture of "the triangle". Standing in the wide range of the legs. The support of keeping the line straight. Reach out, hold her with both hands to the right, or the foot and support a person in the knee. Stay in this position for 15 seconds. The same repeat with the left foot.
  4. The position of "closed-ring". Lying face down, lift the upper torso and the legs. Take hold of the ankles with the hands and stay at 30 seconds.
  5. The posture of "the eagle". The left leg of the ground, bending the knee, the right hand side to carry the thigh and the left leg. Staying in one position for a minute. Change of leg.

Also applied to other yoga poses. But when the pathology of the prostate is chosen, which is reflected in the tension of the muscles of the pelvis and the organs and muscles of the breast.

Therapeutic exercise

When pathologies of the prostate, it is recommended to perform physiotherapy exercises. The complexes are numbered in the execution in all positions of the body.

Gymnastics lying on your back:

  1. The elevation of the pelvis with a simultaneous raising of knees in the face. An approach of three per day for six repetitions.
  2. Alternating the reinforcement of the belly, bent in the knees and legs. Two times a day for five times.
  3. Leaning into the hands behind the head and bent at the knees feet of movement of the pelvis to the right (inspiration) and to the left (exhalation).

The classes in the standing position:

  1. Effect of the inclination of the trunk to the right and to the left 30 times.
  2. Swinging the feet forward and back over the 100 repetitions.
  3. An interlacing of high and low jumping on two feet. Initially 50 times, gradually give 300 jumps.
  4. Floor in a squatting position. The fingers tighten in the castle and put in the back of the head. As you exhale sit down, at the same time raising the knees and arms on the chest. As you inhale slowly return to the original pose.
  5. When you omit the hands alternating elevation of the right and left of the hip with the knee bent.
  6. The rotation of the pelvis of five times on each side.

Exercises lying down is performed from the initial position: if you are on the right side, the left and right of the palm supports the head, to the left, focuses the attention on the ground, and vice versa.

The following exercises:

  1. Lying on the left side in the original position, make go up and down grinding of the right leg five times. Delivered to the other side, do the same with the left foot.
  2. The order of execution of the exercises than the previous one, but after each lifting legs flip to other side.
  3. The execution of movements that mimic a pair of scissors, alternating 10 times on each side: the right leg is displayed forward and the left backward, and vice versa.

Would like to know and correctly perform the exercises to get rid of the diseases of the prostate can find video tutorials on the web. There are presented the complex of the exercises from the seated position and lying face down, as well as in the abdominal breathing.

It is not necessary to perform all of the exercises. Just like, are retrieved and do not cause problems and complications of the disease.

the prevention of adenomas

Prevention activities, improve the power of the

There is a set of exercises not only strengthens the impact of the processing activities in case of problems with the prostate gland, but also improves the sexual activity. It consequently affects the prostate, erecting of the sperm.

We recommend the following exercises:

  1. Sit comfortably with your feet on a flat surface. "Walking" in the buttocks forward. Perform 30 steps three times a day.
  2. Sitting in the previous position, perform 60 maximum forward tilt. It is possible the division of the amount into three approaches.
  3. Foot, perform 20 strokes alternately to the right and to the left with the foot in the face. Do three repetitions per day.
  4. Being separated at shoulder width the legs, make the 20 tilt side-to-side, three times a day.
  5. It is advisable to lie on your back on a flat surface. Propped up the back with the hands, lifting the leg extension and stay in 10 minutes. One approach of three.

After reaching the man of forty years of age, is recommended for the prevention of to perform massage the prostate in order to avoid inflammation and problems for the sexual health of the plan. The manipulation is performed during the full of the bladder, so that the iron was still.

Independent massage is only permitted for prophylactic purposes in the absence of pathologies. When installed in the gland diseases of the manipulation is performed doctor.