Sex, phimosis and its compatibility

Phimosis is a disease of significant variation in sexual activity of the men. However, in that it manifests itself and how to deal with him know not many. Try to understand.


So, what is the phimosis? Under phimosis is understood to reduced the foreskin of the penis, due to its structure does not allow to open the head of the penis or of the same causes pain when you open.

In what degree of phimosis it is possible to the normal sex life?

Know if I can have sex with phimosis mainly young people want, that you have not had sexual experience. Depending on the patient, we distinguish various degrees of phimosis in a greater or lesser extent, affect the quality of your everyday life:

  1. Phimosis in the first degree. The head of the penis without work bare in a relaxed state, however, to expose his erect want to save something, sometimes very little effort.
  2. Phimosis of the second degree. To expose the glans is possible only in a state of tranquility.
  3. Phimosis-thirds of a degree. The head of the penis is not naked, even in a relaxed state, and if the naked, under the influence of a serious effort.
  4. Phimosis fourth grade. The head of the penis hidden, urination difficult.

In this case, even slight degree of this disease can affect the sexual life of men, due to feelings of pain during erection, causing his reflection reduction and sexual weakness.

What are the negative effects that may occur when the sex with phimosis?

Surely, all that for the first time are faced with phimosis, reflected on the way in which this disease that affects their sexual activity. Happy in the answer to this question simply by nothing.

Phimosis and sex

Phimosis has a very negative effect on the sexual life of men.

All the problems in the bed, that are the result of this disease, are presented below.

  • In the first place, the problems with the exposure of the penis head during sex make the seminal fluid, as well as the secrets of women, in large amounts allocated to it during the sexual act, remain in the preputial space of the penis, which in turn is the cause of the infections in the body, android of the urinary system.
  • In the second place, the sexual act when phimosis brings quite the sense of pain that is produced by the following. At the time of the erection of the penis is able to increase its size to about 50%. Naturally, the excess tension in the foreskin, in this case, produces a feeling of pain, the force of which depends directly on the expressiveness of the phimosis. In addition, by strong movements during sex, carry the sway in the nature, in most of the cases, followed by the micro-tears cordial promised the foreskin, which causes more pain and bleeding. And then the situation can be aggravated, which, basically, makes men sexual life in hell and ends with psychological sexual dysfunction.
  • In the third place, the wounded foreskin is open-minded "gateway" for severe infections, enjoy, sexually transmitted, such as, for example, it is possible to become infected with hepatitis b or c, hiv and many other diseases. The of able-bodied men to the risk of getting less.
  • In fourth place, phimosis, reduces the sensitivity of the penis, which should be limited to sliding the foreskin over his head and, as a consequence, the lack of stimulation of the erogenous zones. Therefore, in order to get the orgasm of men who suffer from phimosis very problematic.
  • In the fifth place, the phimosis can cause infertility in men, use of psychological or mechanical nature.
  • In sixth place, frequently result in urinary tract infections, accompaniment of phimosis, with a negative influence on the viability and motility of the sperm.
  • In seventh place, phimosis can lead to paraphimosis in the sexual act, which consists in a jamming of the head of the penis restricted to the foreskin and requires medical emergency.

How does the phimosis in the health of the companion?

Apparently, phimosis delivery problems only for men, however, the large number of microbial pathogens, the accumulation when phimosis in prepucialna space, can be a cause of the massive infection of the urinary system of the woman.


How to have sex in this condition?

Think, phimosis has no effect? And the pain endured, and the orgasm comes? And in vain. Despite the apparent lack of seriousness of this disease, having sex when phimosis preferably with the application of some, it is enough with simple rules.

  1. Perform a thorough hygiene before and after sexual intercourse. This will reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
  2. Prepare your penis to the retraction of the sample, which should be slow and orderly, for example, cooling in ice.
  3. Try to increase the sensitivity of the penis with the help of lubricants.
  4. Use condoms, this will protect you and the companion of the impact of the infection in the body through micro-injuries to the foreskin.

When to see a doctor and resort to the treatment of the phimosis?

Despite the fact that many men live with this disease, without any kind of special problems, in some cases, phimosis requires an immediate intervention of the doctors.

Troubling symptoms in this case are:

  • the difficulty or the impossibility of exposure of the head of the penis;
  • problems with urination, namely, the accumulation of urine in the cavity of the prepuce and its subsequent leakage of a thin stream or drops;
  • painful erection;
  • all types of inflammatory reactions selection of character purulent, increase nearby lymph nodes, the increase of the temperature of the body;
  • the acute pain in the head of the penis, your blue;
  • phimosis 3 and 4 second grade, not only reduces the quality of the sexual life of men and fraught with the risk factors of complications – paraphimosis and balanopostitis.
The treatment of the phimosis

The treatment of the phimosis, depending on the degree of their severity, can be done in several ways:

  • the extension through the amplification or masturbation;
  • corticosteroidlike ointments;
  • the surgery, namely total or partial circumcision.

Refer methods allow you to get rid of the phimosis and all of the related problems.

As we see, the sex and phimosis things completely compatible, however, to execute this illness still is not worth.

Follow the safety precautions described in the article. Care with hygiene, and at the smallest of problems, consult your doctor. Only in this case you can live the bright, and with a full life!