All about the causes, symptoms and treatment of peyronie's disease

A common phenomenon among men 40 years of age and older – men peyronie's disease, and the treatment of disease with natural components – an advantage for the safety of the health of men.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's disease is characterized by the manifestation of the fibrous tumors in the muscle proteins and connective tissue. In the treatment of peyronie's disease remedies takes more time than when operating intervention or drug therapy.

Timely diagnosis and treatment under the supervision of a doctor gives the possibility of avoiding the operation, and get rid of the disease with the help of ultrasound of the manipulation and of the means of folk medicine.

A cause of the disease

Peyronie's disease can be found in men of any age, various causes, such as forms of treatment depending on the degree of damage in the penis. One of the main causes of damage to the authority, is careless of the sexual life of men, especially the young and under the influence of alcohol. There are a number of reasons, among others, that increase the risk of the disease, these include:

  • the lesions in the penis (fractures, injuries). Natural fabrics have been achieved, which led to the subcutaneous and the platelets and of the scar;
  • the curvature of the penis.

The male penis can be twisted, because:

  • there is a hereditary predisposition or pathology congenital;
  • rapid, uncontrolled movements in the sexual act;
  • psychological and emotional of the errors in the state, the effects of stress;
  • age-related changes, the decrease of the elasticity of the tissue;
  • the autoimmune diseases;
  • a side effect of some medications;
  • small and large damage in the penis.

The signs and symptoms of the disease

The seals in the penis it is possible to palpate independently to palpation and, in some cases, them it is visible and visually. The main symptoms of peyronie's disease are:

  • the feeling of discomfort and pain during intercourse;
  • disorder of potency (erection disorders);
  • the curvature of the penis in a state of arousal.

The complications of the disease

The complications include:

  • the strengthening of the position of stress and the psychological development of the complex;
  • aggressive flash and the renunciation of the sexual life;
  • rape in the hormonal on the background, and impotence.
The treatment of the curvature of the penis

Important! The council of the men of peyronie's disease, dealing with, andrólogos and urologists. The therapy remedies are effective and proven method, but to diagnose the disease and to assign the quality of the healing of the therapy doctor can only.

The treatment of the means of folk medicine

The root of the burdock, chestnut, oregano, sage, have special properties. Included in its composition substances that inhibit the education in the interior of the penis and smooth out your healthy position.

The cooking of the horse chestnut

To prepare the recipe you need 400-500 g of ripe brown nuts, pre-washed well and dried. The nuts are ground and obtained the mass is put to dry in the sun. Often use the oven to speed up this process. The mixture is diluted with water 1:10.

Obtained the liquid boils and is cooked in the lid and a capacity of about 20 minutes. Cooled decoction is filtered and drink daily 250 ml over 3 months.

The remedy warns the development of the plexus of the testes in men and helps to heal also—varicocele— popular methods, without surgical intervention.

Important! Using the media during the treatment, it is important to remember that some of the components, in some cases, can cause an allergic reaction.

The tincture of the collection of herbs

Equivalents of the proportions of 10 g of each of the herbs, prepare a mixture of: primrose, oregano, burdock root, Lanka, leaves, the pharmacist of the sage is filled with 1 l of boiling water and cook about 10 minutes. Insisting the cooking at night, filter and accept for 1/2 cup three times per day. Recommended course of therapy – from 2 to 4 weeks.

Massage therapy

Effectively facilitates the manifestations of the disease a daily 15-minute massage of penis before going to bed. For massage use child cream with the addition of essential oils of thyme (10 on hold) and tea tree (5 cap).

Do you know? Massage with medicated oil not only improves blood flow but also helps to break the plates. Men with peyronie's disease often heavily trapped emotionally. Massages help to relax and normalize the libido of a man.

The sage

The rooms of procedures with sage

Pre: make the gauze from the bag and placed in he 450 g pharmacist of the sage. In a comfortable capacity, pour in 8 liters of hot water, leave the sage and insist 10 minutes. Ready infusion of herbs added in the bathroom, there they lay, and the herbarium of the cake. The temperature of the water is regulated by the temperature of the body of the patient. Baths procedure it is advisable to take half an hour before bedtime. The sage is known since antiquity for its medicinal properties, is used for the treatment and prevention —infertility in the men in the home. It is a component in the assembly of herbs for the treatment and that the prevalence of the disease, such as rapid seed emanation of the men.

The ointment of the roasting of the leeches

For the preparation of therapeutic cream you will need: an ointment heparin (15 g), the solution Dimexidum (no more than 3 tablespoons), dried leeches (40-50 g), melted, honey (150 g). Components of the ingredients are mixed until obtaining a cream ointment. Apply needs in the area of curvatures of the penis. Procedure they do before bedtime, that wrapped in paper to compress the penis in the night, as well as a ointment absorbs a lot of time. The course of treatment is 4 to 6 weeks.

The brown rice syrup

100 g of sugar are dissolved in 200 ml of water, heating to a temperature of 70°C. In the syrup of sugar are added to 40 g of brown rice and wait until it starts to boil. Ready the syrup clothed by densely with a towel and insist about 3 hours. Used after eating 1 time a day. After 20 days of treatment of weeks of rest and then repeat the procedure if necessary.

The brown rice syrup

Do you know? In the brown rice contains a large amount of tocopherol, which removes the excess accumulation of potassium in the body. Vitamin E – antioxidant fat-soluble, the main advocate of the sagging and anemia.

The nut mixture

The mixture is prepared in equivalent ratios of 20 g of each ingredient. Grind and bind: hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts (raw), sunflower seeds (fried). Then, add the honey (150 g) of corn oil (3 tablespoons), wheat germ (1 teaspoon). Recommend to spend 2 weeks of course again with an interval of 7 days between cycles.

Useful information

The treatment of peyronie's disease at home well advanced designated doctor of the structure of the therapy with medications, and procedures.

Recommendations to the speedy recovery

  1. To avoid the risk of further injury and damage of the authority.
  2. Follow daily hygiene standards, applying special tools.
  3. Move away from the long folds of the position of the body, often in the process of the sexual relationship.
  4. Add in the diet of the sources of tocopherol (vitamin E): beans, maize, soybeans, peas, vegetable oil, vegetables (celery, parsley), millet.
  5. It is recommended not to stay under the hot sun, avoid tanning.
  6. Limit the calcium-containing products.