The treatment of urethritis in men, the scheme of treatment

Urethra is the canal through which urine passes, falling into the outside environment during urination. Inflammation of the urethra, which can cause mechanical injuries, hypothermia, the different types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses called urethritis. Prone to the disease, representatives of the two sexes equally. The infection in the majority of cases is transmitted through sexual contact.


The symptoms of urethritis

The duration of treatment and the selection of antibiotic therapy depends on the specific characteristics of the incidence of urethritis and its intensity. In men the disease is more severe.

Non-infectious urethritis is manifested already in the early days. The infection symptoms of urethritis may occur within 1-3 weeks or several years (tuberculous urethritis) – it all depends on the type of pathogen.

The main symptoms are:

  • the itching and burning when you urinate;
  • sharp pains in the sexual health of the authority;
  • specific selection with an unpleasant odor;
  • blood cell selection when urinating;
  • swelling of the genitals and a slight redness;
  • the frequent urge to urinate.

The appearance of the first symptoms, you should immediately consult a urologist to perform the survey.

Attention! If a timely manner the disease is not treated, it can take on a chronic form and cause complications. This results in serious consequences: inflammation of the testes, cystitis, infertility, etc

To assign the appropriate treatment, you must understand what types of urethritis are. Are divided into infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases.

Infectious uretriti:

  • blenorrgico;
  • viral;
  • bacterial;
  • Trichomonas;
  • hlamidiyniy;
  • tb.

Blenorrgico urethritis. Accompanied by the sharp pain at the time of urination. The color of the urine becomes turbid, with the presence of blood. The mucous membranes of the selection to acquire a yellow color.

Viral. In this symptomatology was weakly expressed. It is possible the appearance of conjunctivitis and inflammation of the joints.

Bacterial. The symptoms may appear after several months from the time of infection. Purulent have a bad smell and green color.

Trichomonas. Arise from the constant need to urinate with armbar the accompaniment, as well as itching and burning sensation in the upper part of the penis. The selection to acquire a grey tone.

Hlamidiyniy. In most cases, the symptoms of lack. May appear small from the selection. Usually it is in chronic form.

Tb. Tuberculosis, renal and genital can cause urethritis. The symptoms are slight and accompanied by fatigue, sweating, and a small temperature.

Non-communicable diseases uretriti:

  • congestio ;
  • the traumatic;
  • allergic.

Congestio urethritis. Rarely accompanied by symptoms characteristic of the infection of urethritis. Can occur a violation of the functions of the genital organs.

Traumatic. The symptoms depend on the type of injury. Can occur pain and burning when urinating.

Allergic. The main symptom is the presence of edema, which is accompanied by itching and burning in the penis area.

The therapy is prescribed only after the completion of all the required tests and the identification of the species of the urethritis. The drugs are chosen according to the characteristics and the complexity of the rupture of the disease.

During the course of taking medications, the patient should leave acute, salty foods and alcohol. Best of all, if the doctor will prescribe a diet.


Important! Even the disappearance of the symptoms, stop the treatment can not be, because this can lead to complications and turn it into a chronic form.

In therapy for the treatment prescribed:

  1. Antibiotics.
  2. Probiotics.
  3. Diuretics medicines.
  4. The immunomodulators.
  5. Vitamins.
  6. The antihistamines.

In the note! In combination with the medication therapy can be applied home remedies in the form of soups, broths, infusions, and lotions, which can be very effective.

The treatment of urethritis

Throughout the period of treatment you should discontinue intercourse or use barrier types of birth control. The couple is also necessary to give a series of analyses in the identification of urethritis and undergo treatment. In the first place, for the control of diseases, prescribed therapy antibacterial. It is possible to use several types of antibiotics immediately, with some complications.

Attention! It is necessary the specialist's consultation for the prescription of antibiotics. The auto-assignment of medications can cause the progress of the treatment.

In addition to antibiotic therapy sick often prescribe antimicrobial drugs.

Antihistamines are given the first place in the urethritis.After a course of antibiotics should undergo a treatment probiotic for the recovery of the normal microflora, and also it is recommended to apply vitamins. To restore the normal functioning of the body after treatment, may be appointed as immunomodulatory agents. The most famous drug Polyoxidonium, which can be used at the time of antibiotic therapy, and after.

As additional treatment can be applied to the herbal pills. The plant, the drug is capable of providing a diuretic and an antimicrobial effect, reducing the pain and inflammation, and also improves the functioning of the kidneys and increases the effect of antibiotics.

Often, patients who have developed the chronic form of the disease, go to the doctors homeopaths. Homeopaths claim that the treatment of urethritis homeopathic remedies are not less effective than the antibiotics. In the period of treatment, the doctors warn that the symptoms of the disease may come back to acute form, and then begins the recovery period. Experts point out that there are many positive comments from patients, after the treatment of homeopathy.

Popular methods of treatment of urethritis

The application of popular methods in the treatment of the disease can be used as additional funds for the more speedy recovery.

Apply the tincture of the root, Wheatgrass, has a good anti-inflammatory benefits.

  1. For its preparation take 4 tablespoons of rhizomes and poured a glass of cold water to soak and leave in the evening.
  2. In the morning drain the water and prepare the rhizomes cup of boiling water. The tool drink during the day, divided into four sections.

Parsley is also an effective means to relieve symptoms and heal. To prepare phytomedicine take a tablespoon of raw materials and scalds 0.5 liters of hot water. Within A few hours of the infusion, decant and apply 3 tablespoons of up to 5 or 6 times a day.

A good impact on the treatment has an infusion of oak bark, which are used as lotions.

  1. In a glass of boiling water to prepare a tablespoon of bark to insist a couple of hours.
  2. Obtained from the infusion applied topically.
  3. The procedure cannot be repeated more than three consecutive days. In this period it is also recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse.

For the relief of symptoms can also help decoctions of leaves of currant and jams from their berries. To prepare the broth in a glass of boiling water, prepare 1 tbsp of raw materials and insist on the time limit of one hour. The decoction ingested during the day. Recommend increasing the consumption of blueberries and the juice for the lifting of the inflammatory process. To help in the treatment of urethritis herbal teas, which are applied when infectious and non-infectious urethritis.

    Negonokokkovi urethritis
  1. To prepare the broth take the herb st. john's wort, chamomile, black elder and cornflower blue to a tablespoon of each component. The dry mixture prepare a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for an hour. All the bottle recommended drinking before bedtime.
  2. Will be sold the color can also be applied in the treatment of urethritis as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory tool. Decoction of linden flowers is able to relieve the symptoms of pain. The linden flowers (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water (500 ml.) and insist on half an hour. All the bottle used before bedtime.

Widely applied for the treatment of urethritis the leaves of cranberry red. Have a diuretic, the emergence of resistance and an anti-inflammatory action.

  1. To prepare broth, use 2 tablespoons of the dried leaves, which you pour a glass of boiling water.
  2. The infusion is left for 20 minutes and then filtered.
  3. It is recommended to consume 2 tablespoons before each meal.

The course of the herbal treatment can be from 25 to 30 days, then you will have rest for up to 2 weeks. Are of urethritis transmitted by sexual contact, the man is worth extreme caution when it comes to random relations.

  1. You should use barrier contraceptives, which may protect against the contamination.
  2. You must also carry out regular body hygiene, to avoid the impact of the infection on the interior of the genital organs.
  3. In case of infection, it should perform a curative therapy at the same time with a couple permanent to prevent the recurrence (when infectious urethritis).
  4. To prevent non-contagious urethritis, it is recommended to avoid hypothermia, as well as strenuous physical efforts. It is recommended to timely empty the bladder to resist the urge to urinate.

Urethritis, whose treatment should be only the doctor, can occur in both sexes. Women, however, the inflammation is accompanied by less discomfort. This is especially due to the length of the male urethra is approximately 6 times greater than that of women.

As occurs urethritis in men? The causes of the pathology, as a rule, this is the injury or infection. The trauma may occur during the performance of medical procedures or the existence of the kidneys. The infection can occur during sexual contact, if the woman is sick of sexually transmitted diseases. Due to the lack of hygiene can also be a urethritis in males (treatment: antibiotics and other medicines on the pathology should only be a specialist). In this case, you must medical examination. Also the condition may be a result of hypothermia. In this case, we observe a decrease of the immunity. Because of this, the pathogenic micro-organisms start the activity and often without obstacles penetrate the human body. If the treatment of urethritis in men was not performed in time, it is likely to cause complications such as inflammation of the prostate, testicles, and even infertility.

Urethritis in men

Urethritis in men of this type refers to the specific type. The inflammation is the result of the activities of different microorganisms. In general, pathogens are coliform bacteria, streptococcus, chlamydia. To the inflammation of the urethra, can appear purulent.

Another name of the pathology – Candida urethritis. In men, it is relatively rare. The pathology occurs in patients with diabetes. Also mycotic form it can develop due to a prolonged antibiotic treatment. The pathology is accompanied with white or watery discharge and mild sintomatologa. As complications may act prostatitis.

Pathology of this type-causing pathogens, different from the specific (chlamydia, herpes, and others), or by some microorganisms at the same time. This area today is not well understood. The specialists are in the search of the probable causes of this pathology. Supposedly, this can be prostatitis or an allergic reaction.

This pathology occurs as a result of the penetration in the organism gram-negative diplococci. These pathogens affect not only the urethra, but they infect the mucous membranes of the urinary system. When gonorrheal urethritis is redness of the output, the seal in the head, purulent burning, sharp pain.

This form is characterized by the asymptomatic or accompanied by secretions, purulent, swelling output, hyperemia. Hidden during the pathology quite dangerous. Can be the factor that causes the subsequent infection of sexual partners. Men who have frequent unprotected sex with different companions, they should visit a specialist.

"Alert; the relationship to the manifestations of the pathology avoid prolonged treatment of urethritis in men. The main reasons of illness must be:

  • Burning sensation, sharp pain in the process of the emission of the urine, itching.
  • The selection that they have, as a rule, the unpleasant odor.
  • Hyperthermia (once in a while).

The duration of the incubation period, after you notice signs of pathology, depends on the form of the disease, and it can be several hours (allergic) to several years (tb). If the disease is suspected, it should be addressed as soon as possible to a doctor. The specialist will determine the type of pathology and appoint to therapeutic interventions.


At the time of the survey was assigned to:

  • An analysis of blood.
  • Investigation of venereal diseases, of the pathology.
  • The urine test reveals the level of white blood cells).
  • The pelvic ultrasound.
  • The analysis to determine the sensitivity of pathogens to antibiotics.

If you do not perform to time the treatment of urethritis in men, the disease may take a chronic. This, in turn, may result in serious consequences. One of the most serious effects are considered as prostatitis. This pathology is characterized by an inflammation of the prostate. Also the chronic urethritis narrows the urethra, swollen testicles, and seeds of the bubbles.

How is the treatment of urethritis in men? The medications that are assigned to a specialist, have as their goal the destruction of the pathogen of the pathology, the elimination of the manifestations of the disease. In the course of treatment includes medications, such groups, such as antioxidant, antisepsis, the tool of immunotherapy, the immune-modulators, antibiotics. The medications that are designated as topically and orally. The dose and the scheme of the technique is assigned to a doctor. To correct and prevent the side effects recommend antihistamines. In the course of the therapy, you should comply with a proper diet, quitting bad habits, eliminating alcohol.