The most effective medicines for the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) is widely distributed in men over the age of 35 years. Previously, the disease bothered the representatives of the stronger sex, with an age was more than 45 years.


Adenoma of prostate "rejuvenates", this is due to the way of life and difficult sexual intercourse. To a urologist do not come all, but everyone wants to get rid of the problems. It is time to understand what are the medications for the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate give real result.

The selection of medicines: features of the therapy

Of the adenoma of the prostate cannot be eliminated without comprehensive treatment. Only after the inspection and the study of analysis, a doctor may prescribe certain medicines, taking into account the degree of neglect. Often they are mapped to the medicines of the following type:

  1. the inhibitors are needed to reduce the size of the prostate. The drug decreases the growth or completely stop it;
  2. the alpha-blockers – are used to relax the muscles of the prostate;
  3. herbal – medicines that are created of plant extracts. Reduce the inflammation process, normalizes the functioning of the urinary system. Are mapped only in complex with the above medications.

The list of medications largest. Often assigned to the combined therapy, allows you to avoid the surgery. Picking up medications, the specialist must take into account the characteristics of the patient's health. Some medications of prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate have a number of side effects:

  1. The decrease of the blood pressure – therefore, the hypertensive patients of hyperplasia of prostate is treated, under the attentive supervision.
  2. The impact on the heart, the system – some medications can be dangerous in old age.
  3. Headaches, nausea and dizziness.
  4. The allergic reactions.
  5. The reduction of the power, the paragraph immediately you will hear the attending physician that the man has not evolved complex.

Special of the therapy requires the exacerbation of the prostatitis, the symptoms of which is easy to recognize. But, in any case, all medications must be extended by the doctors, the treatment also is carried out under the supervision of a.

Inhibitors for the treatment of bph

An effective cure of prostatitis and adenoma should stop the growth of neoplastic of education. The inhibitors are required compulsorily to pass the medication. In the composition of the drug inside the 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone into another type of hormone. Adenoma can not be break down, if not halt the growth of the glands.


The patients who take inhibitors of a long time, observe the following positive results:

  1. adenoma continues to increase in volume and also is less;
  2. it normalizes the flow of urine;
  3. the inflammation of the prostate is removed.

It is best to consume drugs of 4 to 6 months, can only see a positive trend. Have stopped, prostatitis in men, passes by a shorter period of time. The drug is present in the target, if the size of the tumor, greater than 40 ml

Assigned pills strictly prescription. After months of the receipt of the inhibitors of the patient comes to the inspection. Therefore, it is seen in the dynamics and is installed, if there is not, the side effects that may occur during reception:

  1. the quality of the erection diminishes;
  2. the ejaculation is broken;
  3. the swelling and breast pain;
  4. allergy;
  5. in 2-3 times reduces the volume of fluid in time of ejaculation.

The practice shows that after a year of active treatment, side the symptoms are gone. In any case, the medication performed under the supervision of a doctor. And medications for prostatitis and adenoma of the men are formed in function of the age and health of the patient.

The alpha-blockers hypertrophy of the prostate

Install symptoms of prostatitis in men and its treatment – the task of an urologist. Bph causes a range of unpleasant sensations, among which the painful flow of urine. Alpha blockers are assigned to relieve tension in the muscle tissues. Especially good at the prostate tumor it is of that drug in the initial phase or of the elderly, in whom the disease is chronic.The therapy last for several months. If you met all of the recommendations see the following positive changes:

  1. occurs the pressure of the symptoms of the disease;
  2. the volume of the breast is reduced;
  3. the patient becomes more easy to take the urine, the jet pressure increases in times;
  4. inflammation of the bladder is reduced, as well as the recycling of liquid is completely eliminated.

These effective preparations of the prostate and benign prostatic hyperplasia without a job are transferred to the patients. Even when the therapy long-term adverse effects of less. But sometimes the drugs can occur the following ailments:

  1. the drastic reduction of the blood pressure;
  2. increased heart rate;
  3. muscle weakness;
  4. the dizziness and the persistent pain in the area of the temples.

Of operation of the therapy due to side effects happen. The practice of urologists from around the world shows that the alpha-blockers put a minimum of damage to the body.

The prostate can't be cured without thinking. Only a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and the therapy can help you to avoid surgical interventions.

The hyperplasia of the prostate: treatment of the medications

Medications in the pharmacy are presented in a variety of. Regardless understand in this variety is not possible. Some patients are supporters of the phyto-pharmaceuticals which are created based on plant extracts. Do you help the herb of prostatitis? More efficient that will be discussed below. Synthetic medicines have some side effects. Drugs are denied to many patients. The prostate can be cured and with the help of certain medicines, which are produced only from herbs and flowers. The long term use give the following positive results:

  1. removal of the inflammation of the urethral channel;
  2. the stabilization of the process of urination;
  3. causes of pain in the groin area.

The use of plant products is evident. Doctors prescribe these medications in combination with synthetic drugs. Unfortunately, this therapy was applied in ancient times, of course, were used broths and syrups. After the reception of to decrease pain and improve the flow of urine, but the swelling does not go away. In its purest form, is used for the prevention of prostatitis.

The essential oils

Essential oils: their effectiveness

Of pills you can expect the result of several months, but it is the best alternative of surgical intervention. But some of the representatives of the stronger sex prefer treatment in your home, the popular choice of the methods. For the reception they selected certain essential oils:

  1. fir – soothe and kill the bacteria;
  2. sea buckthorn – it relieves inflammation;
  3. -cocoa butter – reduces pain.

These substances are not used in the interior and introduced in the rectum of the night. In some pharmacies, you can request a rectal candle with the addition of these oils. If after entering the medication feels a burning or itching sensation, you must renounce this kind of treatment.Urologists believe that the esters only relieve some of the symptoms that bring discomfort in your daily life. Even the therapy can be used for prevention, but also for the release of the serious of the tumors of this method is not suitable. Unfortunately, the men of insurance in the opposite direction, therefore, the disease becomes in execution and, in short, it requires a surgery.

Many of the physicians, in addition to medication therapy to do exercises for the treatment of prostatitis. Gymnastics kegel is a structure that allows to normalize the functioning of the muscle tissue. To learn how to do, you just have to go to the bathroom. During urination is necessary to sustain the jet. Tighten and relax the muscles of the pelvis, the man does exercises. During the lessons will be remarkable results. Still useful in walking, since it is a sedentary lifestyle, causes the formation of tumors in your intimate area to the representatives of the stronger sex, apart from the infection and the genetic susceptibility.Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a disease that requires an immediate treatment to a urologist. Initiated the form – is a testimony to the intervention. Pills and candles will help you, if the time to make an appointment with a urologist.