The symptoms of hypertrophy of the prostate in men and the most effective methods of treatment

The adenoma of prostate and hyperplasia of the tissues of the prostate. Often pre-conditions for its development occur in men older than 40 years, and is the adenoma begins to grow after the age of 50. Statistics show that every second is present in this pathology.

Recognize the adenoma of the prostate may rush to urinate, and to the disturbance of the sexual activity. Growing fabric compresses the urethra, so that the stream becomes slow and uneven. Because of this, the man feels a strong pain and burning sensation at the time of going to the bathroom.

the adenoma of the prostate

What is the adenoma?

The adenoma of the prostate hyperplasia of the nature. It is characterized by a slow growth of the glands found in the neck of the bladder. In the beginning of the development of the disease in man forms a small nodule, which increases steadily. With the time this site in the prostate buy urinary channel that leads to problems with urination.

However, the induced changes with its appearance in the prostate, will negatively affect the well-being of men. In the execution of the stages of manifestations of the disease can be called painful and unpleasant. Also, if for a long time not to pay attention to the difficulties in urination may cause severe kidney problems.

This disease has a high prevalence. The statistics of the world health Organization has shown that the adenoma of the prostate is found in 40% of men over the age of 50 years. When the age of more than 65 years, the risk of an encounter with pathology increases up to 95%. For this reason, every man should have regular checkups with the doctor, so that in the initial stages of diagnosing this neoplasm.

The causes of the

Physicians do not have a clear idea of why it occurs, the adenoma of the prostate. However, many experts believe that the cause of the growth of this neoplasm can be:

  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Transient sexual life;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Heavy physical work;
  • Taking certain medicines.
  • The consumption of alcohol and smoking;
  • The negative influence of the environment;
  • Emotional surge;
  • Inflammatory processes in the body;
  • The cardiovascular disease.

The symptoms of the

Recognize the signs of hypertrophy of the prostate is quite simple. However, in the early stages of the disease can manifest symptoms that are similar to those of other diseases. The signs of adenomas are irritating and they cause changes in urination. Irritants, we can highlight:

  • The constant need to urinate.
  • The incontinence of the urine.
  • The pain, ignoring desire.

If you ignore the first manifestations of prostatic hypertrophy of the prostate, neoplasm grows with force, tightening the urinary channel. Because of this, narrows, which leads to violations of urination. Recognize possible for the following reasons:

  • Fine current;
  • The small volume of a time of the urination;
  • Intermittent urination;
  • Pain during urination;
  • The appearance of impurities of blood in the urine and the semen;
  • The need for supportive measures when you urinate;
  • The delay of urine.
the methods of diagnosis

The diagnosis

To diagnose prostate hypertrophy in men, it is necessary to consult a urologist. They will conduct all the necessary studies that will help determine the cause of the changes in the prostate. The most important of the activities of diagnosis, which can diagnose the adenoma include:

  • Palpation anus – a process in which the physician is with the help of your fingers explore the prostate gland. You must determine the exact dimensions of this organ, and its consistency, the presence of uzelkovih of the formations, the degree of pain.
  • In the ultrasound should be to determine the status of the kidneys and the prostate. This type of study helps to diagnose the degree of tissue damage, the presence or absence of cysts, their trend of growth, the presence or absence of konkrementov. It is also necessary to determine the functionality of the kidneys, because that is where it gives the complications of adenoma.
  • Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate is a procedure by which the doctor can determine exactly its size, structure of the prostate. It is also necessary so that the doctor can distinguish an adenoma from a tumour.
  • The study of the stream of urine. With its help you can define all the characteristics necessary for the process of urination: the speed, the volume, the length of time.
  • The definition of residual urine – a procedure through which you determine the amount of urine remaining in the urinary canals. The test helps to determine if it is necessary a surgical intervention or not.
  • Method for the determination of the pressure within the bladder.
  • Cystography – study of the circulatory system around the bladder. Is done with the aid of a contrast medium.
  • Mri and ct – two diagnostic of the investigation, with the help of which you can determine the structure of the tumor, its size, the degree of expansion. They are also required to clarify the cancer process.

Of the greatest importance in this regard are the analysis of blood markers. With its help you can determine the antibodies in the blood, which occur only when the development of tumors.

Methods of treatment

The treatment of adenoma of prostate in men – is sufficiently serious, the therapy, which requires a high qualification of the doctor. Must be to the greatest extent possible to study the characteristics of the tumor and the patient. To do this you must find out the answers to the following questions:

  1. Is it possible malignant nature of the neoplasm?
  2. Are there any serious contraindications to the surgery?
  3. What are the most important symptoms in the patient's mind?
  4. If there is a protrusion of the adenoma of the prostate?
  5. Can the patient can enjoy an active sex life?
  6. What chronic illnesses does the patient have?
  7. If you accept it, the patient some medicine?
  8. What the maximum results of treatment, it is possible to obtain?
the treatment of the adenoma

Medical therapy

The pharmacological treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia – soft of a way of pressuring the education, however, its effectiveness is justified only in the initial stages of the development of the disease. Also the selection of a drug should only deal with a qualified doctor. With auto-you not only will achieve nothing, but trigger the development of serious complications. Only the urologist can say that in your case will help you to cope with the disease.


The therapy is a series of procedures by which it is possible to quickly dispose of the adenoma of prostate in men.

Any manipulation and the impact able to reduce the degree of discomfort, as well as stop the proliferation of the tumor.

The most popular ma physical therapy procedures in the fight against the adenoma can call therapies, ozone, photodynamic therapy, physical therapy, hunger, and much more. However, before leaving for the procedure, you should consult with your primary doctor – they have many contraindications.

The picture of the dynamics of the therapy

The picture of the dynamics of the therapy – the modern form of treatment of adenoma of prostate in men. The essence of this exhibition is the impact of photodynamic light. In that site, the doctor enters the drug, begins to act only after the irradiation with the laser wavelength determined. After this, oxygen, the particles begin to move actively, this affecting the affected area. Using this procedure it is possible to defeat the necrosis and the damaged areas of the tissue.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a popular form of treatment of adenoma of prostate in men. This is one of the modern methods of treatment of such entities. Ozone therapy is used to get rid of many of the urological diseases. It is effective and without the reception of the prepared medicated and the media. Statistics show that a positive influence is observed in 95% of cases. Exposure to ozone allows you to:

  • To establish the circulation of the blood in the organs of the pelvis;
  • Reduce the pain;
  • Kill all the pathogenic micro-organisms;
  • To accelerate oxidation in urinary the authority;
  • Remove the inflammatory process.

With the help of ozone therapy you manage to achieve good results in the treatment of adenoma of prostate. This procedure is an excellent therapeutic effect, with consequences that, in many respects surpass those drugs. It is practically painless, is performed without anesthesia. During the procedure, you may feel a slight discomfort, that lasts for several days.

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise – therapy, which occupies a special place in the treatment of adenoma of prostate in men. With the exercise you manage to disperse the stagnation of blood, as well as to develop its circulation in the pelvis. There are a large number of different complexes, which help to recover the health of the urinary system of men. It is very important to take care of physiotherapy as to prevent the growth of adenomas, and after the surgical intervention. So, you may be able to recover more quickly and to reduce to a minimum the likelihood of recurrence in the future.

treatment with leeches

Treatment with leeches

Due to formed in the prostate tumor, lessens the sexual capacity of any male. To recover its former strength, many specialists recommend to undergo treatment with leeches.

This method helps to establish the circulation of the blood, as well as the withdrawal of all of the harmful substances and toxins from the body.

A holistic approach to the adenoma leaves to grow and deliver to its carrier the mass of the discomfort.

However, when the appointment of hirudotherapy doctor should evaluate the state of your body, as well as the procedure you have a sufficient number of contraindications.

The surgical treatment

Each year, the number of operations on the urinary system decreases. This is due to the emergence of more effective conservative treatment options. However, in the treatment of adenoma of urologists of all modes resort to surgery interventions. Especially popular are the old men. Studies have shown that with age the risk of adenoma formation increases significantly. However, many men do not pay any attention to symptoms that appear, so that the disease becomes a serious stage. They do without the surgical intervention already not going to work.

The surgery – radical in the form of treatment of adenoma. On average, the surgery may last from 1 to 6 hours, depending on the size and characteristics of education. After surgical excision the man must be performed in able 4-5 days, after which it is allowed to sit. After the operation, it is necessary to pass lengthy recovery process. There is also the risk of complications. Often, after the operations of men complain of pain in the sexual relationship of the authority, may worsen secondary infection.

The prevention of the

Do not allow the emergence of the adenoma of prostate in men does the compliance of all the measures of prevention. This will impact positively not only on mochevivodyashchey to the system, but also on the whole body in general. The doctors believe that the more important you consider the following recommendations:

  • Totally quit smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Avoid hypothermia in the body, especially of the lower extremities;
  • To the extent possible to minimize any stress;
  • Check your diet must be exclusively of natural components;
  • Try not to tolerate the need in the toilet, since it extends to the bladder;
  • 2-3 hours before bedtime do not drink any liquid, to avoid night wanting to toilet;
  • A regular visit to a urologist for that in the initial stages of diagnosing this disease;
  • Exercise, see a healthy lifestyle;
  • Avoid the stagnation of blood in a single place, which is one of the main reasons of the adenoma;
  • Make sure that you're having sex, so that the prostate could produce and get rid of the seed;
  • To defend against sexually transmitted diseases and venereal infections.

With the help of the measures of prevention that manages to reduce significantly the risk of development of adenoma of the prostate. These recommendations will help to stop the spread existing before you buy. If you see any of the symptoms that point to the pathology, make sure to consult a urologist.

adenoma of the means of treatment

Home remedies

There are several popular recipes, that are able to stop the growth of the adenoma. However, it is best to consult with the attending physician, can I use it or not. In case of a bad approach or if it has contraindications can seriously impair your body. The most popular prescriptions for the drugs against prostate cancer are:

  • Mix equal parts of the dry grass st. john's wort, chamomile, the bark of the oak and the stinging nettle. Each night, hiervelo 2 tablespoons of the mixture into a liter of boiling water, leave to insist on the night. In the morning strain it and pour into a container. For the day that you should take all the cooking. The duration of the treatment, on average, it takes 3 to 4 months.
  • Take some mushrooms Veselka and pour out of proportion: 1 mushroom – 0.5 vodka. It is not necessary to use the tincture of alcohol, as well as kill all of the helpful microorganisms. insist medication within a period of 30 days, after which all the morning, drink a spoon of the infusion.
  • Mix 100 grams of milk thistle, 200 – parsley. All of this is to fill with 3 litres of boiling water and let it sit for a week in a dark place. After this time, pour the tool into the bottle, the drink 50 grams 3 times a day.
  • In equal proportions mix the kidneys and the birch bark, which contain large amounts of zinc. This is the trace element helps to stop the expansion of hyperplasia. Pour the alcohol of the aspect ratio: 2 tablespoons 400 ml Place the medicine for several days in a dark place, then strain and store in the refrigerator. Drink a spoon of tea every day before meals.