Symptoms and treatment of urethritis in men

Urethritis is the inflammation process, which is capable of experiencing in the walls of the urethra. The disease is diagnosed with sufficient frequency and they can identify any person, regardless of age and sex. The causes of its appearance are very different: for the breach of personal hygiene before the defeat of the urethra different pathogenic microorganisms. How to cure urethritis in men?

urethritis in men

Characteristics of the disease in men

Men and women, the disease has different manifestations, which is related to the characteristics of your urinary system. And if the woman urethritis passes virtually without symptoms, inflammation of the urethra in men is accompanied by various unpleasant sensations.

The reason for the activation of the inflammatory process, according to the doctors are, primarily, the genital infections. The first manifestation of the disease becomes the weakness of the body. The man can feel after several hours after the introduction on the pathogenic organism. There are and causes of the development of the disease (injury, allergic reaction, disorders of nutrition or personal hygiene, etc), but are found infrequently.

It is very important to start the treatment of the inflammation in the initial phase of their development, as well as the urethritis is able to lead to the development of pathologies of the nervous system and disturbances of the reproductive function.

The causes of the

The major reasons that cause development of urethritis in the male, doctors categorized into:

  1. Diseases that can be transmitted through sex without a condom (herpes, hpv, gonorrhea, trichomonas, Ureaplasma, chlamydia, etc). Mainly the inflammation in the urinary channel is just a symptom of this type of infections.
  2. The violation of the processes of change (especially in the area of the pelvis).
  3. Effects on the body of different toxic substances.
  4. Stagnant processes that occur in the pelvic area. The emergence of a stagnation of the venous blood may precede the constipation, the hemorrhoids, the practice of the interruption of the sexual relationship.
  5. Allergies, which can cause the food products, products of personal hygiene or taking certain medications.
  6. A lot of acidic and salty foods with a lot of spices in the diet, which can irritate the mucous membranes.

Trigger the inflammatory process can be these factors:

  • The supercooling of the body.
  • Disorderly sexual life.
  • The stress.
  • Physical or mental and emotional fatigue.
  • Eating disorders.
  • The damage of the walls of the urethra in the result of the mechanical action of the medical manipulation, etc).

Classification of urethritis

By primary the development of inflammation, the disease is:

  1. Primary hiv infection develops directly into a urinary channel.
  2. Secondary – focus of infection was converted to other organs. Along with a blood flow of pathogens are able to penetrate into the urethra.
urethritis and cystitis in men

Urethritis and cystitis

These two diseases are very often accompany each other, therefore, patients are often confused, taking one after the other. But they have important differences.

In the first place, is the place in which it occurs the inflammatory process. When the urethritis is swelling of the mucosa of the urethra, and at the time of cystitis, this exposed to the wall of the bladder.

Differences of urethritis and cystitis are the symptoms di i of the disease. When cystitis, the urine has an unpleasant odor and becomes cloudy. Unlike her, men that urethritis does not occur, the general weakness of the body.

The symptoms of the

The first symptoms of urethritis in men, can occur at different times after a few hours (in the form of the disease), through 3 to 21 days (if the cause steel of disease-causing microorganisms, depending on the type of excitation), across a few months (viral urethritis), or even several years (tuberculous urethritis).

The characteristic symptoms of the disease are:

  • Painful urination.
  • The selection of the urethra (the character of which is related to the type of excitation).
  • Burning sensation and itching in the penis.

When the pathology becomes chronic, the symptoms may disappear completely, with the exception of a little discomfort in the groin.


If any sign of inflammation of the urethra, the man, it is important to undergo a full treatment. If you leave the urethritis without care, the disease can lead to serious consequences. This is expressed in the fact that the inflammatory process may extend to the testes, scrotum, and prostate.

One of the complications of the disease — prostatitis

The main complications of urethritis in men include: prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis. The prolonged lack of treatment often leads to a malfunction of the reproductive system.

The diagnosis

Realize why any of the symptoms of the urethritis, the man should visit a doctor appointed by the required examination and be able to make an accurate diagnosis. It is precisely on the basis of the diagnostic data, is allocated to the treatment of the urethritis.

During the inspection, the urologist felt the urethra in the theme of the compression and the pain, check inguinal lymph nodes. In addition, it will examine the selection and determine if the swelling.

For an accurate diagnosis, the man has to go through some tests and giving the analysis:

  1. The pap, which is taken in the walls of the urethra.
  2. Analysis of urine and blood.
  3. The planting in the detection of sensitivity to antibiotics.
  4. The study of the urethra.
  5. The pcr (analysis gives the opportunity to identify a particular pathogen, which is especially important for the treatment).
  6. Study of syphilis and hiv.

The treatment of the

the treatment of urethritis

Before you assign certain drugs for the treatment of urethritis in men, the doctor shall bring to the attention of the patient throughout the period of therapy is necessary to completely remove the sex. This applies not only to a classic of sexual intercourse, but oral sex and even masturbation. In the case that the development of the disease led to the infection, which can be transmitted by sexual contact, it is mandatory to the treatment is subject to the couple and the men.

It is also important to follow a diet. In this period, we must exclude from your diet spices, pickles, oily, salty, and spicy. It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages. To speed up the healing process, during the treatment, it is necessary to comply with the regime of drinking. In this case you have to daily drink at least 2 liters of pure water without gas.

Therapy antibacterial

The scheme of treatment of urethritis is always based on the use of antibiotics, without which cure the disease not can. Name of medication and dose must be determined by the doctor based on the results of the analysis. Each one of the possible pathogens is their sensitivity to antimicrobials, therefore, antibiotics when the urethritis for the treatment not suitable.


To reduce the pain, the men are fixed antiseptic medicines. This can be a medication in pill form, and local resources.

Candles and ointments

To speed up the process of treatment helps to local medicines that are used in combination with antibiotic therapy. Rectal candles of their effectiveness is comparable with the injection.

The immunomodulatory

To restore the defenses of the body, the doctor will prescribe a patient immunomodulatory agents. Always included in the basic course of treatment, as well as by the reduction of immunity is considered to be one of the main causes of the development of the disease. Should take in addition to antimicrobials, to support the immune system.

Treatment with vitamins

During treatment of urethritis, the man it is important to resolve the deficit of vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, the doctor may prescribe medicines (multivitamin drugs with a high content of vitamins A, c, D & E. Replenish the vitamins in the body helps to balanced diet and the enrichment of the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Home remedies

It is important to understand that you are completely cured of the disease of remedies impossible. However, its use in equality of conditions with medicines, help to prevent relapse and accelerate recovery. To do this, they can be used decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs, you can prepare at home:

  1. The infusion prepared with the leaves of black currant. What is the tool you have antisptica and helps to enrich the body of vitamins. For its preparation 3 tablespoons of dried leaves, fill with 250 ml of boiling water and leave it until cool down is complete. After this, the infusion is filtered and taken 15 minutes before meals three times a day.
  2. Decoction of oak bark. This tool eliminates the pain and burning sensation that appear at the time of urination. For cooking 1 tablespoon of raw materials, pour 250 ml of boiling water and kept in a water bath for about 20 minutes. After cooling, the decoction filtered, and take 1 tablespoon before each meal. Use cooking it is also possible for the seating of the trays.
  3. The extract of cornflower. To prepare the infusion from 1 teaspoon of dried flowers is filled with 250 ml of boiling water and insist no less than 1 hour. After this step, the tool filtered and taken three times a day before meals for 2 tablespoons. The medication helps relieve the swelling and normalize the microflora.

Urethritis in children

The inflammation of the urethra can affect not only adults. Urethritis in children is less frequent. Cause the appearance of both infectious as non-infectious factors. Infectious is considered to be one of entering the area of the urethra, bacteria, virus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas, mikoplazmi, ureaplazmi. Among the non-communicable diseases, factors predominate in the lesions (the passage through the canal of the urethra of the stones or the health of the manipulation), allergic reactions, and stagnated processes in the pelvic area. In addition, its appearance can cause the narrowing of the urethra.

The symptoms in children are always related to gender. For children it is more common in a burning sensation when urinating, itching penis selection (white or with the mixture of mucus) and the presence in the urine of a trail of blood. Girls of the disease manifests itself as frequent impulses to urinate and pain in the lower part of the abdomen.

the diagnosis of urethritis

For the diagnosis using the analysis of urine and the secretions of the urethra. If the doctor suspects the chronic form of the disease, the child will be taken urethroscopy.

The treatment is carried out in function of the forms of the disease. In the case of the acute stage of urethritis used antibiotics, which are suitable for a certain age group. In the case of diagnosis of a chronic form, in addition to the use of antibiotics, the patient is prescribed medicines for the maintenance of immunity and the introduction of drugs into the urethra.

After the completion of treatment, the child necessarily pass through to repeat the test. Along with the medication, the child needs a special diet (with the exception of the smoky, sharp and salty) and the compliance of drinking water treatment.

In the absence of treatment in the initial phase of the disease, urethritis, the child may pass into a chronic form, when the cure becomes much more difficult.

The prevention of the

Any disease, including urethritis, it is easier to avoid than to struggle with its consequences. To do this, the man is important to follow certain precautionary rules:

  • To comply strictly with the rules of personal hygiene.
  • Bring bedding from natural material.
  • Prevent third-party use of the things of personal use (towels, bedding, etc). Therefore, the possibility of contracting various infections and fungi.
  • Renounce disordered sexual relations. Have a permanent partner. In case of contact with the casual companion, it is important to use barrier contraceptive methods (condom).
  • Regularly (at least 2 times a year), the man must pass the checkup with the urologist. This must be done even if there is nothing to worry about, because many infections are able to in no way not manifest, however, put the body of the men of irreparable harm.
  • Timely treatment of all the diseases and infections that are caused by fungi. This is because they are able to give the complication in the urethra, causing the development of urethritis.
  • Avoid hypothermia, especially in the area of the genitals.
  • Protect the sexual organs of a possible injury.
  • Avoid excess physical and psycho-emotional fatigue.
  • Ensure adequate nutrition with sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in the products.
  • To comply with the regime of drink and drink it during the day no less than 2 liters of pure water without gas.
  • To get rid of bad habits or to reduce them to a minimum.
  • Avoid the delay of urination and the first time that the urge to empty the bladder completely.
  • Temper the body and use vitamins to support immunity.
urethritis in children

Every year a large number of men are faced with the same diagnosis, such as urethritis. Lead to inflammatory process in urinary canal can be a variety of reasons. The most common of them is the infection, can be transmitted by sexual contact. In addition, distinguish allergic and traumatic uretriti, not related with the impact on the urethra pathogens.

Regardless of what was the cause of the inflammatory process of the disease requires mandatory treatment, which can only be assigned to a physician after performing a comprehensive diagnostic and identification of the pathogen. All of the doctors recommendation should be scrupulously respected by the patient. This is because the urethritis poorly treatable and if you pass therapeutic in the course until the end, it is possible to relapse, the transition of the urethritis in the chronic form, or the development of complications.