Urethritis in men: symptoms and treatment

Urethritis is an inflammatory process of the mucosa of the urethra (urinary channel), which causes a range of bacteria, viruses and fungal agents. It is considered the most common cause of the pathology of the urinary system in men who lead an sexual life without the use of barrier contraceptives and have more than one partner. More often that flows in the background of other inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

urethritis in men

Into account the characteristics of the anatomical structure of urethritis in men is more severe than that of women.

In the urethra microflora pathogenic falls routes such as:

  • lymphogenous;
  • sexual;
  • hematogenous.

The cause of urethritis

Doctors distinguish identified a number of factors that cause development of urethritis.

These include:

  • the chronic stress;
  • the supercooling;
  • local to the injury;
  • the failure of personal hygiene;
  • alcoholism;
  • the avitaminosis;
  • the hunger;
  • the poor diet;
  • serious pathology of the system;
  • the chronic diseases;
  • related diseases of the genitourinary system.

Directly urethritis can cause 2 groups of causes:

Non-communicable diseases:

  • the tumor;
  • tsistoskopiya;
  • prostatitis;
  • the stagnation of the venous blood in the grid of the pelvis;
  • allergy;
  • urolithiasis;
  • injuries of the urethra;
  • the hyperplasia of the prostate;

Infectious nonspecific:

  • e. coli;
  • staph;
  • the streptococcus;

Infectious specific:

  • the herpes sores;
  • gonorrhea;
  • the yeast infection;
  • chlamydia;
  • mycoplasma.

Taking into account the injury mechanism of urethritis is:

  • the main, when the inflammation is formed directly in the urinary channel;
  • secondary, in the which the infectious agent into the urethra falls out of the fireplace in another organ.

Regarding the localization of the inflammation in the wall of the urethra distinguish urethritis:

  • total;
  • front-wheel drive;
  • rear-wheel drive.

The symptoms of urethritis in men

During the development of this disease, the man has the following complaints:

  • the selection purulent nature of the urethra, which can have a color from yellow to green, and removes a large amount in the beginning of the inflammatory process;
  • the need to urinate;
  • the swelling of the urethra;
  • itching;
  • at the end of urination can be spotted in small amount;
  • the pain in the process of urinating;
  • a burning sensation;
  • the sudden pain of the nature in the urethra.

This clinic develops in independence of what urethritis: non-specific or specific. The only difference is that non-specific urethritis confirm when strokes to other infections do not give positive in the analysis.

The causes and symptoms of chronic urethritis

Chronic urethritis is seen very rarely this happens in the context of these situations:

the diagnosis of urethritis
  • a weak immune system of the patient;
  • the prevalence of pathological agent to other organs;
  • incorrect or lack of treatment of urethritis in the mode of the form.

Note: when the disease enters the chronic stage, the swelling of the urethra passes, and the selection is reduced. Often the man thinks that the disease has passed, but in reality has been passed the disease in latent phase. If you do not carry out the therapy, that the strains of bacteria that settled in the prostate and the seminal vesicle, spurts, finally, lead to prostatitis, epididymitis and other diseases.

The diagnosis of urethritis in men

Confirmation of the diagnosis is based on the study of the patient, which includes the following moments:

  • The consultation of the urologist. The doctor to inquire about the complaints of the men, carrying out the objectivity of the inspection of the genitals. Also take into account the presence of chronic diseases, urethritis in the past.
  • Laboratory diagnosis: the planting of the stroke in the bacteria of the urethra (which allows you to identify and determine the type of pathogenic microorganisms and to establish their sensitivity to antibiotics); pcr (allows you to determine quickly and accurately the pathogen in urology test); urine analysis (with your help determine the level of defeat of the urinary tract); smear microscopy (homework — write down the study of materials at the cellular level).
  • Technical tools: urethroscopy (takes place after remission of the acute period for the purpose of inspection of the walls of the urethra under the optical zoom); diagnostic ultrasound (gives the opportunity to visualize the bladder, prostate, kidney, and evaluate any changes in them); x-ray of the urethra (it is done prior to the introduction of radiopaque substance, when the acute phase is not performed).

The treatment of urethritis in men

The treatment of this condition in most cases can be done in the home, when the patient attends to the clinic to undergo treatment procedures. The patient hospitalization is required only in severe cases.

Important: before treating urethritis, you must correctly identify the excitation, since this depends on the effectiveness of the therapy excludes the risk of the process, in the chronicle.

The treatment of urethritis include the following points:

  • the renunciation of the sexual life during therapy;
  • the compliance of the regime of drinking.
  • abstinence from alcohol;
  • the therapy with antibiotics;
  • the waiver of acute and spicy food;
  • the tool of immunotherapy (if necessary);
  • the local treatment (spend after remission of the acute symptoms, such as the instillation of medication in liquid form in the urethra).

Drugs and medicines when the urethritis

The choice of the antibiotic can be applied only to the physician of care after the bacteriological investigation. This is justified by the fact that the wrong choice of medication may be the cause of the complications and the ineffectiveness of the therapy. Antibiotics can be applied in any form (pills, injections, candles).

Prevention of urethritis

treatment and prevention of

To minimize the risk of ill health to men, must follow these rules:

  • to avoid the risk of injury to the penis;
  • drinking sufficient amount of liquids;
  • avoid frequent changing of the genitals companions;
  • appropriate to treat any type of disease;
  • avoid hypothermia.